• Cyber bullying hurts

    Cyber bullying leads to suicide. Many people have attempted or succeeded with suicide. We need to stop cyber bullying. Its all ready illegal in some places , but it needs to be illegal in the USA. Also many people( especially parents) are not aware of the sites such as instagram, facebook, twitter and especially my space. By nelnel

  • Cyber bullying should be illegal

    Words hurt ... If you have nothing nice to say don't say it all. If you have something mean to say, think about yourself , would you want that said to you ? Some people think it's cool and laugh about it . But you would. It be laughing if it was your child , and your child had suicide on her/his mind , or self harming . You wouldn't want to think that your child doesn't wan too live anymore . Saying mean stuff through electronics doesn't make be a bigger person , it doesn't make you cool , or better then anyone else . Put yourself in that persons shoes , would you like to be called names ? Would you like to have people you might not even know hate you and talk bout you for no reason ? How ever we do have a freedom of speech but no one has the right to be mean to others .


  • Cyber bullying hurts...

    Cyber bullying should be illegal in the usa. Because words hurt although you don't mean it . Cyber bullying can lead to a lot of problems for example they can lead to suicide or end up cutting themselves .Cyberbullying happens in some places for example Facebook,Instagram ,Twitter,and etc. parents should also know what kids are doing in the internet to see what their kids are doing. However bully's only wanna see their victims hurt and suffer.

  • It's not okay.....

    To hurt other people in any way. Everyone should love and respect each other regardless of who they are. Even if we don't agree with it, we don't have any right to judge anyone. Parents need to teach their children that from a very young age. It's just wrong to use words to hurt anyone. We can't anticipate anyone's reaction to whatever hurtful words we might say. If someone kills themselves over something mean or hurtful, that is a horrible thing.

  • No it should not

    It shouldn't be illegal because it is a weak form of bullying that doesn't cause any real damage unless you allow it to. A person 200 mile away on a computer cussing you out or whatever has no real power. Especially when all you have to do to stop them is not respond, block them, or unplug the internet.

  • No, this term Cyber Bullying is nothing more than someone expressing their thoughts negatively which is constitutionally protected under the 1st amendment.

    If we made it illegal to say something hurtful or insulting to someone else online, then we would have to institute the same standard on people in the real world...Meaning the next time someone did something rude on accident and you called them out...They could press charges on you and have you arrested. Arrested for speaking harshly?

    We used to live in a society where people shrugged off other people's opinions because in all reality...They don't matter. No one's opinion can force you to do anything, if you decide to allow yourself to be hurt or bothered by what people say then your following actions are a direct result of your choices...Not other people's actions. I can find no logic in blaming someone's hurtful words for my actions. If someone hurts your feelings...No matter how harshly, that doesn't excuse you from being responsible for your actions. I can't stand this "It's everyone's fault but mine" attitude that seems to be growing in popularity. I picked up a knife, I placed the knife to my wrist, I applied pressure, I cut my wrists deeply, I did nothing to stop the bleeding and I died....But it's not my fault...He was cyber bullying me and it's his fault that I committed suicide? WTF kind of logic is that?

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