• To regulate/keep track of malicious activities. Such as human trafficking and such.

    Bro we have a cross examination debate on Thursday and i'm just loaded on homework and goddamn i have no sleep for 20 hours. Just please..... Help me with this one. I'm on the affirmative side. And can I just tell you guys the team on the negative side are good-ass speakers i just want to hang myself in the moment. Thank you guys.

  • Violation of privacy

    Sorry to break it to you, but you are kind of on the losing side here. As much as I would love to assist, the plain fact is that it depends on what you mean by relationships. If you can't walk up to a person talking with someone on the sidewalk, or watch them in any way shape or form (since this is stalking among other things) what makes you think that there is any sense to this kind of monitoring?

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