• Yes, it should

    I think its a new age, its just fine as long as it acceptable for the moment,until they decide otherwise. It isn't really harming anyone at the moment,but it can be crushing at the workplace. The world isn't a very social place, with technology we can interact very quickly and easy. Its better for us, not for employers.

  • Yes, of course.

    I do not see why cyber socializing would not be socially acceptable. It's how the world happens to operate now. This isn't the 1950s and, for better or for worst, this is the direction in which we're heading. Personally I see a lot of troubles ahead, but then again, the past wasn't exactly pretty.

  • Of course, it already is.

    If by cyber socializing is what happens on the social media network sites, then of course this has already become more than acceptable. What it should not do, though, is to take the place of socializing face to face because that is something that can not be duplicated on the internet.

  • It helps us connect.

    Yes, cyber socializing should be socially acceptable, because it is an easy way for us to get together. With cyber socializing, you can find someone in a chat room that is in the same situation that you are. You can find someone who is interested in the same things that you are.

  • I think the question should have been. Should cyber socialising replace face to face socialising.

    As masses already accept cyber socialising and heck even see the cyber world as the real world. The cyber world is not the real world and what goes on it should be left there.

    For example, it would take me no more than 15 -20 mins max. To pop up a fake facebook page, with a fake identity and details. I mean come on look at all the fake celebrity accounts. It requires famous people to officially register with facebook, direct confirmation to officialise their page.

    So how can you trust some one online? Any troublemaker could impersonate as some one you trust and take you for a ride. You can be the most cautious person and easily be fooled. So my view is that the cyber world should be kept out of the real world. Some real world aspects can go cyber but to socialise. Well, you are not going to make any meaning full ones or rather it is extremely difficult and not without risk to do so.

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