Should cyber warfare hits against major companies be considered capital offenses?

  • Cyber warfare hits against major companies should be considered capital offenses

    Cyber warfare hits against major companies should be considered capital offenses. This is because of the fact that cyber warfare is a very serious act of destruction that should be viewed and taken care of with the utmost sincerity. Treating cyber warfare against major companies as capital offenses is appropriate.

  • Most attackers are outside the US jurisdiction, so won't be affected.

    I think it would be pointless to make cyber warfare a capital crime. Most, if not all cyber attacks come from abroad. These countries have their own laws and rules. Changing the sentence for the offense in one country will have no effect on people who are attacking from outside the US jurisdiction.

  • It is white collar.

    No, cyber warfare hits against major companies should not be considered capital offenses, because they are not specifically intending for anyone to die. At the most, if someone died because of a cyber attack against a company, it could be charged as manslaughter. Murder and rape should be the only capital offenses.

  • Cyber warfare is not a capital offense

    Cyber warfare is not random. Cyber warfare is almost exclusively linked to some sort of cause or an offense that the company is reported to have done. Also, the cyber warfare is in response for what the attackers deem to be a capital offense that is not considered so in law. The punishments should fit the crimes on both sides of a cyber war. Since the offenses by the corporations are often overlooked as civil matters, isn't the use of a computer the same thing?

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