Should cyber weapons and cyber warfare be banned?

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  • I think cyber warfare and weapons should be banned internationally as a form of warfare

    Cyber warfare and weapons only bring massive trouble to our future, and will dwarf even the atomic bomb. Why do I think this? Computer worms and viruses will take control and sabotage many secretive information and could easily be exploited for disastrous consequences.

    'Stuxnet', a computer worm (speculated to be created by the US and Israel) was made to sabotage Iran's nuclear program, causing many malfunctions and destruction, and delaying it by several months.

    Obviously, computer worms such as this one could have disastrous consequences. Imagine a world where your own country's nuclear warheads could be hacked to target itself? Considering the amount of nukes both Russia and the USA have, this could spell absolute ruination. The only thing stopping WW3 is mutually assured destruction, and if hacking and computer worms could bypass this, it could very well be the utter end on mankind itself...

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  • Good luck doing it

    I'm not saying banning it would be wrong, I'm just being realistic. To enforce a restriction such as that would require the equivalent of a world wide cyber police. On top of that the internet is so massive that it would never be effectively enforced. Also to give you an idea of how large is the internet google in all its power only has 4% of the internet in its index. Google also estimates in 2011 that the internet had over 5 million terabytes!

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