• Cyberbullying is still bullying, bullying is an issue, and due process ensures a fair trial.

    When someone crosses the line and causes any sort of harm, even psychological, there should be consequences. The internet has become a tool for many things, and unfortunately, some people have come to use it as their method of anonymous bullying. Many sites have the ability to send anonymous messages, which has its fair uses, yes, but it also opens up a way for cyberbullies to victimize others without running the risk of being called out, or having their parents, guardians, or local police step in.

    How can you believe that cyberbullying isn't as much of a problem as offline bullying when it is still an issue that constantly eats away at its victims? Not everyone is the same when it comes to emotional abuse. An occasional comment of "you're ugly" is certainly nothing to think about too much, but constant abuse from all directions (even including offline, in some cases) is extremely hard to ignore. To make matters worse, bullies almost always go for the people they know they can affect, i.E., the people who cannot so easily brush off hurtful words. One thing leads to another, and in the worst-case scenario, the victim commits suicide. There have been studies done on the link between cyberbullying and suicide rates. The resulting conclusions are alarming and disturbing. The internet is not comprised entirely of thick-skinned adults. There are younger adults, teenagers, even children on the world wide web. With all that has already been done to protect the more emotionally vulnerable online, creating laws that make cyberbullying illegal seems like a logical next step, considering the damage that has already been done and the damage that will continue to harm and destroy the lives of others if new measures are not taken. This also means that free speech, while a wonderful part of the basis of the United States, may need to play second fiddle when taking into consideration the lives of others.

    Leaving cyberbullying as legal, but less-than-desirable, is not a strong enough deterrent, as we all can plainly see. Should laws be created to combat cyberbullying, potential cyberbullies would likely think twice about sending hate. For some of them, even the enticing anonymity wouldn't be enough to cause them to follow through.

  • All bullying hurts!

    Most people know someone that has been bullied. Maybe its her/him self. But it doesn't matter what type of bullying it is. Whether its cyber or not, its still bad and feels the same. I should know, both has happened to me. But not very much. It hurts in that all bullying isn't illegal! So many people have it happen to them. Most of the time, its when they're children. Any kind of bullying can led to self-harm, eating disorders, suicide, crying, less friends, fights with families, etc. Famous people hate it too. Some like demi lovato, one direction, etc. Have tried to do something about it. And I bet its helped people too. If I had one wish, I wouldn't wish for money, food, revenge, a nice house, etc. I would wish all bullying was illegal! Hopefully one day it will be. My name is camryn buck and I think cyber bullying and all other bullying should be illegal.

  • Suicide is bad

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  • Lots of People Die!

    The Cyberbullying Story: the website operated by Ryan’s parents, John and Kelly Halligan, early concerns about Ryan’s speech, language and motor skills development led to him receiving special education services from pre-school through the fourth grade. Ryan’s academic and physical struggles made him the regular target of a particular bully at school between the fifth and seventh grade. In February 2003, a fight between Ryan and the bully not only ended the harassment at school, but led to a supposed friendship.
    However, after Ryan shared an embarrassing personal story, the newly found friend returned to being a bully and used the information to start a rumour that Ryan was gay. The taunting continued into the summer of 2003, although Ryan thought that he had struck a friendship with a pretty, popular girl through AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Instead, he later learned that the girl and her friends thought it would be funny to make Ryan think the girl liked him and use it to have him share more personally embarrassing material—which was copied and pasted into AIM exchanges with her friends. On October 7, 2003, Ryan hanged himself in the family bathroom. After his son’s death, John discovered a folder filled with IM exchanges throughout that summer that made him realize “that technology was being utilized as weapons far more effective and reaching [than] the simple ones we had as kids.”
    Aftermath: There were no criminal charges filed following Ryan’s death because no criminal law applied to the circumstances. Seven months after Ryan’s death, Vermont’s Bully Prevention Law (ACT 117) was signed into law by Governor Jim Douglas. John Halligan also authored Vermont’s Suicide Prevention Law (ACT 114), which passed unchanged in April 2006.

  • Cyber-Bullying Should be Deemed Illegal

    Although we have the First Amendments to allow us to say what we want, but we shouldn't abuse that right. That right was inclined for other purposes, not to hurt others. Sometimes it may be a joke, but other times it is hurtful towards other people. Though cyber bullying is just words, it can hurt others. For example, your mother simply came up to you and said that you are a mistake and perhaps the worst thing that has happened to me. That can certainly distraught you, don't you think? This isn't just towards children, it is to everyone. We should not use this amendment our founding fathers made, to do evil upon others.

  • Cyber-Bullying Isn't Just a Simple Insult

    Although we have the First Amendments to allow us to say what we want, but we shouldn't abuse that right. That right was inclined for other purposes, not to hurt others. Sometimes it may be a joke, but other times it is hurtful towards other people. Though cyber bullying is just words, it can hurt others. For example, your mother simply came up to you and said that you are a mistake and perhaps the worst thing that has happened to me. That can certainly distraught you, don't you think? This isn't just towards children, it is to everyone. We should not use this amendment our founding fathers made, to do evil upon others.

  • Cyberbulling should be illegal

    I think that it should be illegal because its not fair that other kids should suffer in silence and not be heard bullying and cyber-bullying are the same thing and makes kids take their lives by 4,400 death per year that's just wrong, for kids not being heard sometimes you just need someone to talk to. KIds should be punished like any other law and be treated like a criminal because parents having to deal with their child killing themself is extremely horrifying for them to deal with that kind of pain. I was bullied and i tried so hard to be heard but i had to suffer in silence so please make it a law and this coming from a 13 yr old.

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  • Illegal for sure

    I've been cyber bullied my whole teenage life. The words they would say stung me so badly. I got called fat, ugly, stupid, everything. I'm 6ft tall 14 year old girl. I weigh a lot. I eat more than average. People called me piggy, and just... Everything. People would tell me to kill myself. I cut myself, stopped eating, stayed away from everyone and just stopped living. I almost killed myself, because of cyber bullying. It needs to stop and people need to be showed a lesson. Making it illegal would stop it or at least drop the rate of which it happens. Overall, it needs to stop. Now

  • Cyber bullying illegal

    There is a very very big cyber bully on YouTube named Hagyrants, after forcing people on YouTube dislike thier favorite tv shows by scamming them into thinking that thier favorite tv shows are FAKE and he's making money off of that on YouTube just by doing that also lies, hacking other people's YouTube accounts and I've heard that a few kids are extremely upset with this character and have already committed suicide from that but no one is paying any attention to it, so I think it should be illegal for good

  • "Cyberbullying" Isn't real bullying, and getting jail time for saying someone is ugly or something isn't right.

    It isn't real bullying, getting teased by someone who lives across the country IS NOT A PROBLEM, unless you take it seriously, which you shouldn't. Also the fact that if you annoy someone first, and they annoy you and tease you back, you can't call wolf. "Cyberbullying" isn't real bullying, people should stop taking it seriously.

  • No, cyberbullying should not be illegal.

    Just because foul words were thrown on social sites doesn't mean antagonists should be forced behind bars. Most of the "criminals" are kids, and they're expressing their feelings in ways they think are appropriate. Even if the victim commits suicide, the perpetrators wiil have to live with the fact (that is punishment enough) that they caused the death. They were the ones who pushed the victim to kill themselves. I don't know who could live through that happily.

  • Slippery Slopes should be avoided

    We should avoid slippery slopes. Violent acts and harassment are already illegal and so what is the point of specifically targeting cyber bullying? There isn't one except as a way to regulate people even more. Speech should remain as free as possible and should not be further regulated by unnecessary laws.

  • Crossing the line.

    Cyberbullying should not be illegal, bullying should not be either. I understand that sometimes it goes too far but that is when a parent or other figure needs to step in. Kids need to learn to have a thick skin if they are ever going to make it in the real world.

  • It may be bad but it is not something that should be illegal.

    If it was made illegal, then many thousands of kids would get arrested. Furthermore, kids should be able to deal with these problems as they will also soon have to face these problems in adulthood. Although it may be bad it is not something worth jailing many innocent kids for.

  • No it should not

    A law passed about cyberbullying is against our first ammendment rights and really pisses me off that people think we should make a law about it. If your kid crys or commits suicide because he is bullied than he should grow up and not be a little baby. Jklhjk hjkh

  • Only as it already falls under harassment, not separately

    Words can be used as weapons, but they are free to be spoken if they are not continued harassment and threatening violence. The fact that kids and adults can be cruel and insensitive is unfortunately never going to change and it would unduly infringe upon many freedom of speech rights to further legislate words. This is a slippery slope. People can BLOCK unwanted comments on social media in ways that they cannot in person to person communication, so while people may be less civil remotely, they also have less unobstructed access. While it is Wrong and unethical and cruel, it should not be illegal.

  • Should cyber bullying be illegal? Yes.

    Putting young offenders in jail does not work, it increases not decreases crime. Going to jail makes children more likely to offend again with young offenders 67% more likely to be in jail again by 25 than those young offenders who did not go to prison. At the same time they are 13 percentage points less likely to finish high school.[1] These statistics shows the damage that jail has on a young life; instead of completing high school and eventually getting a job jail usually means those who have spent time before continue on a self destructive criminal path.

  • To much overdramatic people.

    People are freaking out to much and they need to calm down. It is not like they killed any body. Jail is for those who have done something serious. Going to jail for calling names is a bad idea. We don't want to fall into the community from the book"the giver".

  • It's a problem, but that's not how to fix it.

    Cyberbullying is becoming more and more of a problem as technology advances. It’s a problem that must be dealt with. According to Cyberbullying Research Center in the Article “What is Cyberbullying?”, “20% of youth ages 11-18 have been a victim of cyberbullying.” 20% may not seem like a lot, but it is enough that it’s an important problem that needs to be fixed. In the text from “The Dangers of Cyberbullying”, Psychologist Eden Foster was radio interviewed, and had this to say about passing a bill for the prosecution of cyber bullies, “And by passing the Prevention Act, we’re deterring people from engaging in cyberbullying by showing such behavior is a punishable crime that won’t be tolerated.” There is only one thing that is disagreeable, and that is the whole idea of the Prevention Act. Cyber Bullying needs to have consequences, but not as far as a fine, or even jail time!

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