• Bullying is very bad

    It can be deadly to people because they would get so upset they wouldn't want to be alive anymore so they would kill themselves. I think this needs to stop right away. To many people are getting hurt every day. We need to stand up and change this world. We need to be the difference. Help me do this!

  • Cyberbullying should be punished at school.

    Cyberbullying should definitely be punished at school because the school should care about the students. Cyberbullying is just as bad as regular bullying, and can sometimes be worse. It would be a tragedy if the student commited suicide because of cyberbullying, and the school could have easily intervened. Some students even fear going to school because of bullying.

  • Yes it should

    This should be something that should punished harshly because it seems like there is always a story on the news about how someone committed suicide over being bullied and apparently some can not handle the pressures of life like the rest of us so that is why people should be nice to one another.

  • Yes, if it occured at school.

    Cyberbullying should be punished in school if the bullying had taken place while at school. They should make sure that the students are not abusing the Internet and taking advantage of school property as a means to harass or hurt other students. If it did not take place at school though then it is not the schools business.

  • Cyberbullying is bullshit

    Cyberbullying is the fault of the ones who are being bullied because of the simple fact that 90% of online messagers have a block/ignore/mute button. . . This button is there so you can ignore the people who say things that offend you. Most of these apps/websites also have report buttons. Just use them and stop crying about nothing god damnit.

  • You should go to jail

    In my opinion, I think that they should go to jail because they are committing a crime. Most of the kids, or teens that get cyber bullied they end up committing suicide. They get to depress and ones again that is a crime so they should learn their lesson, by going to jail, or juvenile hall.

  • You will lose valuable school time

    Anything involving punishment at school will make u lose school time detention or suspension will takeaway. It is important to have all of the possible epidemic time. They could also get anxiety or other disabilitys will cause loss of focus or control of emotions kids will also want to get involved in the prediciment

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