• Don't let kids get hurt through google! You have to stop this!

    We should be concerned about this. So you're just gonna let your kid(s) get hurt? No it causes suicide and bullying is not okay. I noticed 33% of you said no. So basically you mean that bullying is okay. Please stand up for the world. Don't let an online user hurt you.

  • Cyberbullying Should Be Stopped!

    In my opinion, yes because cyberbullying is wreaking people lives as a result, it is causing suicide, depression of young people and other people on social media sites, texting etc however to prevent it, social media should make it easier to block sites although social media sites are doing this already and people should tell a trusted adult. Also, I think that people should not judge other people on social media, texting etc, as well

  • It's not plausable

    There is no way to prevent "cyber bullying". I cannot envision in the foreseeable future all the governments of the world changing their speech/expression laws (free speech or not) just to crack down on a couple trolls in the middle of butt fuck nowhere for hurting some brat kids feelings, if you REALLY don't want to be cyberbullied don't be on social media in the first place

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