Should cyberbullying outside school be treated within school?

  • Stop Cyberbullying by any Means Possible

    Cyberbullying is wrong, and children should not be allowed to harm their peers. Unfortunately, the Internet and social media have just given children another opportunity to do what they do so well - to bully their peers. Adults should make clear in any possible forum that this is unacceptable behavior that will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  • Yes, the students are like coworkers.

    Yes, cyber bullying outside school should be addressed within school, because the students still have to work together in school. Students who attend school together should be treated no differently than employees in a work place. Employees who harass others would be disciplined, even if it happened outside of the work place would be disciplined. Students should be respected the same way.

  • People are animals.

    This will not stop it from happening. Honestly, people murder and rape, and even "good people" will occasionally imagine offing their boss. So, if you give people an outlet for these emotions, where they can be completely anonymous, you expect them not to use it? Oh, but it might hurt someones feelings! People should realize at a younger age that a vast majority of the population doesn't give a shit about you. Just close the computer if you don't like it. Honestly, how is this even considered an issue? Just don't take every random person so seriously that them calling you a name on the internet will make you kill yourself.

  • Why it should not

    It shouldn't be ban because well everyone if a different person online than they are in person and the school witch is probably a public school the government should be checking if the kids on the United States of America are being nice online were anyone and anything can be put on it for ever. I think i should not happen and it will never hapen

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