Should cyberstalking criminals be charged in state (yes) or federal (no) courts?

  • Should depend on situation

    I think the best way to handle this is to look at the two ip addresses. If the people are in the same state it stays as a state issue. If it crosses state lines then you are looking at a federal issue. If you can not tell which then it should stay in the state of the person accusing.

  • Still invading privacy

    Even though some people have a definition of cyberstalking, it still can be looked at as invading somebody's privacy which is never taken lightly. It really depends on how serious they are taking the stalking. If they are simply creating account after account, they should have their IP address blocked.

  • Cyberstalking criminals should be be charged in state courts.

    Cyberstalking criminal should be chaged in state courts rather than federal courts. Internet crimes are not as serious as violent or drug crimes, and they should be handled on a state level. State laws are an important way for local areas to compromise. There is no need to bring these small laws to federal court.

  • The state can handle it.

    Yes, cyberstalking criminals should be charged in state courts, because the states are more than capable of handling it. There might be jurisdictional issues with where to prosecute each case, but as long as each state is committed to ending cyberstalking, prosecution at a local level is most appropriate, because it allows each community to address the problem in front of them.

  • Federal court provides for jurisdiction.

    Cyberstalking criminals should be charged in federal court, because there are jurisdictional issues trying the crimes in state courts. In state courts, does the crime occur where the person uses the computer, or where the victim is located? There could be difficulty prosecuting someone in Pennsylvania for cyberstalking someone in California. Federal court would not have this issue.

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