Should cyberstalking laws be made tougher (yes) or are they enough (no)?

  • Cyber Stalking is Bad

    I think that there should be tough laws against cyber stalking. People need to be protected online as well as offline. People still need to have freedom online, but that should not include being able to stalk people. If it is possible, the laws for cyber stalking should be tougher.

  • There's always room for improvement.

    Cyberstalking is still very much a new thing in terms of police procedure and case law. Because of this, it's not possible to determine if the laws we have are fully capable of punishing perpetrators and protecting victims. So I'll go with "made tougher" because it's impossible to say if they're enough.

  • Cyberstalking Is A Problem

    I believe cyberstalking is a problem with very little solutions. However, I don't believe there are really any valid laws that can be used to stop it from happening. I believe laws regarding stalkers, rather in the real world or on-line, need to be tightened so people can combat this problem.

  • Yes full protection is needed

    Full protection against cyber stalking is needed so yes if we can make the laws tougher then we should do so. If you don't make the laws tougher you are simply inviting in more crime and almost saying that cyber stalking is allowed. Tougher punishment less people committing the crimes.

  • More than enough

    Strictly enforcing cyber stalking laws will ultimately backfire and lead to abuse of authority and far too many prosecutions for lesser crimes. People do not truly understand how malleable laws are in relation to how they're intended, and this is even amplified further when anything digital is put into the mix.

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