Should cyberstalking leading to someone's suicide be charged as murder?

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  • That kind of cyberstalking should be punished, but not always to such an extreme

    Cyberstalkers and cyberbullies need to be held responsible for their behavior. They should absolutely have to face the consequences of their actions, especially when they lead to such a tragic event. If the cyberstalker threatened or intended to cause such a result, then he or she should be charged with murder.

  • There Should Be Charges

    I do not believe that cyber-stalking that leads to someone committing suicide should lead to a murder charge, because the victim more than likely had some mental issues that were not fully handled by a medical professional. However, if cyber-stalking leads to suicide then manslaughter would be a beneficial charge for the stalker to face, in my opinion.

  • It can't be proven

    I do think those who do serious cyberstalking should be punished; however, if the person they are stalking decides to take their own life, there really is no reason to prove that the cyberstalking was the direct and only reason why it was done. Charging them with murder is a bit much.

  • Murder no, but some punishment.

    Being a bully and driving someone to their death is terrible and I would definitely like to see a person punished in some way. Psychological torture is often just as damaging or even more damaging than physical blows. I think there should be a charge on par with assault for cases of repeated bullying and if it drives someone to their suicide, the charges should be more severe.

  • No, they didn't cause the death.

    No, cyberstalking leading to someone's suicide should not be charged as murder, because it is harassment. The person who did the cyberstalking did not intend to cause the person's death, unless there is evidence that they did. Rather, the case should be charged as intentionally harassment leading to suicide. It can be a crime in and of itself.

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