• Cycling for short distances should be made mandatory!

    Cycling for short distances should be made mandatory because it saves a lot of fuel. Cycling is also a good exercise for obese people. In that way everyone would remain fit. Travelling in vehicles for short distances is a waste of fuel even though sometimes it can get you faster to your destination .
    Cycling is also a really fun activity to do
    so I conclude that cycling should be promoted no tronly in US but everywhere!

  • Short distances of cycling should't be supported!!!

    It is not good for the old and middle aged people as it doesn't really the body rather than long distances .If it is mandatory then people with cycle for cycling sake without intentions of getting any benefit. People will only cycle because its mandatory and not for healthy care of the body but just for the rules.So instead of going short distances why not long distances???Is it too hard.
    I don't think so, as it helps the body in completing your goals, if its losing weight,using all your energy or even it helps you when you get angry, and the best part is that you can stop whenever you like or ...Get tired.

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