• They Are In The United States Of America

    In The U. S. All Cyclists On The Road Have To (MUST) Follow The Same Exact Traffic Laws As If They Were Driving A Motor Vehicle With Some Exceptions. In Most States You Can Ride On A Sidewalk (Should Be Mandatory In All States), In Idaho You Can Treat A Stop Sign/Light As A Yield Sign (It's Call "Idaho Stop").

  • Yes,cyclists should have to obey the same traffic laws as cars... Well, a slightly edited set of rules, but mostly the same

    Yee ppl on bikez should have to uze the same rulez az karz, becauze if dey dun't dere will bez more deadz ppl, becauze of kar krashez :3 In concluzionzz yee ppl on bikez shouldz uze da same rilez az karz doo :3 Thx for letting meh tipeee :3 :3 :3

  • Cyclists should be subjected to traffic laws.

    Cyclists should be subjected to traffic laws. Cyclists passing through the same traffic need to follow the same traffic rules like other motorists because the possibility of risks and accidents caused due to non adherance of the same traffic rules would cause chaos and make it unmanageable for anyone and everyone behind the wheels.

  • Cyclists, for their own safety, should be subject to traffic laws.

    It is through personal experience that cyclists are generally unsafe when sharing the road with drivers. By implementing traffic laws to these cyclists, the road will be safer for all who share the road. It will also spread awareness to those who do not currently know the road rules for cyclists.

  • If they want to share the road, they need to follow the rules

    I know that there are limited places that cyclists can ride without interfering with traffic, but that doesn't mean that they should be given the rule of the road. To ensure the safety of everyone, the cyclists need to follow all the same laws as drivers. This means stopping at stop signs, signaling turns, and obeying the right of way.

  • Yes, cyclists should be subject to traffic laws.

    Cyclists should be subject to traffic laws just like everyone else on the road. When cyclists do whatever they want on the road, they put themselves and other drivers in danger. Bicycles can be very dangerous to other drivers. First, drivers can hit them and damage their cars or the bicycles. Second, drivers might try to avoid the bikes and hit other drivers or other obstacles on the road.

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