• We Must Reunite Our Island

    We must reunite our island.One friend sad things happen for a reason yes,this war occured because of Turkey and Greece we must get rid of these both countries.Seperate Cyprus never worked out.Both sides went back.Both sides lost their own institutions,airports etc. This island is Cypriots island not Turkish's or Greek's.
    Peace in Cyprus!Reunites_cy

  • End the Fighting

    Cyprus needs to learn the lessons of ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslav states and Israel. Living in a divided land is pointless--the Greek and Turkish sides simply need to learn to get along and live peacefully while recognizing differences in both cultures. Everyone can agree to disagree and still live in a united country--Americans do this every single day. It's all about tolerance, something sorely lacking in several areas of the world today.

  • Cyprus should not be reunited.

    Things happen for a reason, and the separation of Cyprus was definitely a good thing. If Cyprus were to be reunited, civil war would certainly happen, costing Cyprusians lots of money and lots of lives. This war can be avoided as long as Cyprus is not reunited, and so far, separate Cyprus is working out.

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