• Peverley Should be Allowed Back

    If Rich Peverley is medically cleared by a cardiologist to play hockey, he should be allowed to return to the NHL. So long as his health is not unduly jeopardized, I think having a heart patient in a professional sport is inspiring. He could serve as a role model for children and other individuals suffering from heart problems.

  • Dallas Stars' Rich Peverley

    Dallas Stars' Rich Peverley should be allowed to come back to the NHL after heart surgery if that is what he wants to do and the doctor thinks that this is a good option considering it is his condition and life at risk. I fhe can play normal like everyone else why give up his dreams.

  • It's his life.

    Yes, Dallas Stars' Rich Peverly should be allowed to come back to the NHL after heart surgery, because it is his life, and he should be able to decide if wants to take the risk. You only live once. If being in the NHL is his dream, he should be able to continue to pursue that.

  • No, he's an example to adults and kids and should focus on recovery.

    Since he is such a well known athlete, he should retire and protect his health rather than putting it on the line just to play professionally again. There are many ways for him to be involved in the NHL without getting on the ice again. It would be tragic if he suddenly suffered from another heart problem in the middle of a game.

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