• Dance requires just as much dedication.

    Dancers work hours on end perfecting a choreographed dance. Not only do they have to remember the steps, but their technique they spent years working on. You can break a bone just as easily as you can in any other "sport". Did you know that when ballet pointe dancers have a similar weight to 3 elephants when they stand on their toe? Yeah, crazy. Don't tell me that dance isn't a sport.

  • Obviously Dance Is A Sport!!!!!!!!!

    Well of course! Dance is widely considered an "art form", but that is no reason for it not to be considered a sport. Many gymnastics moves are incorporated in dance, from kicks in Latin American dance, to impressive acro moves in Jazz dance, and there are amazing gymnasts in every Olympics! So why not dance in the Olympics? People also say that dance is not a sport because it has no rules. Any dancer will know that this is completely false! Whether it be syllabus rules, or floor etiquette, or general competition rules, there are definitely thing that you can be pulled up on in dance. So make dance an official sport, not some kind of social activity. Give the talented dancers the chance that they deserve!

  • Obviously Dance Is A Sport!!!!!!!

    Well of course dance is a sport! Dance is often considered an art form, and there is no reason that "art forms" should not be a sport. Many gymnastics moves are incorporated in dance, from kicks and jumps in Latin American dance to impressive acro moves in jazz dancing. So in some ways, dance is very similar to gymnastics, and every four years you see gymnasts in the Olympics! Also, all sports have rules and regulations when playing or competing, and so do does dance, whether it be syllabus dance moves, or general floor etiquette. Dance also requires as much effort and training as sports do (if you are a competitive dancer like me you will know what I mean!) So of course dance should be a sport. I think that all dancers have a right to be considered talented athletes, not just people who do some kind of social activity. So lets make dance an official sport and give dancers the opportunity they deserve!!

  • I'm dying to dance.

    Dance is lucky to be both an art form and a sport. When you compete, that makes it a sport. Dancers face tons of obstacles emotionally, physically, and mentally to make beauty. Typical sports have long practices and stretches and workouts and dancers do the same. Dance creates an aura of competition and therefore is a sport, because people compete to be the best, and win and take home that trophy just like in traditionally accepted sports such as football.

  • Yes, dance is a sport.

    Many professional dancers work and practice for about six hours a day, sweating, bleeding and crying. We get injured so much but we push through. By the dictionary, sports have to be competitive and dance is a competitive sport; I compete every year for my dance company. People who do not do dance have no idea how hard it is, and how much strength and endurance you need to perform dance well.

  • Yes, dance is a sport

    Dance is definitely a sport back when I was in 7th and 8th grade I played volleyball and then through high school my 9th-12th grade years I was in dance and I would definitely argue that dance is more work than volleyball. In dance you have to remember a dance sometimes 2 dances that last more than 3 minutes, you have to workout and get high stamina, you have to have a core so ab workouts are a daily thing, you have to be flexible which takes a lot of work, you have to remember to breathe, and when it comes to remembering a dance its like remembering a play book I would 150% argue that dance IS indeed a sport. There are so many more arguments to make it a sport but that would be a really long post so I am stopping here, because I have homework to do.

  • It is most certainly a sport

    I've been doing dance for almost 8 years now. It is mentally, physically, and emotionally difficult. But us dancers love to do it. It takes a lot of work and effort to make our technique and choreography look good. And when we get hurt or when we are sick, the show must go on! We don't get carried off the field court or rink (depending on what sport you play) or when we fall we get back up and deal with it, we don't have sports medical people to come and carry us off stage and give us treatment we wait until the show is over. We also gain a lot of muscle from it too. I didn't get abs and big calves from just walking on the street. It's also considered a workout for all ages. So just keep in mind that when you don't consider dance a sport to think about what all of us are saying thanks bye.

  • Of course it is!!

    I've read both sides, carefully analyzing every argument before making mine. The majority of the cons say that they've never done dance, which basically invalidates their point, however they all have convincing points. The entirety of the pros claim they are all in dance, giving them a good standpoint on why dance is a sport with their personal experience. Sadly, personal experience just doesn't do the trick.

    I am a dancer myself, and i've been doing dance for five years now. If you've ever seen a dance competition, there are always teams who say that "there was some tough competition out there." everyone who says that there is no physical contact, they're wrong. There's lifts that two or more other dancers have to be involved, there's pas de duexs, pas de trois, and pas de quatres that involve lifts, jumps, leaps, and penches that couldn't be complete without the other dancers. In certain routines, tricks are completely impossible to do alone. For example, you cant do a lindy flip, frankie snatch, around the world, or a waterfall as a solo move. These are extremely complex terms to learn and to execute without practicing constantly. This brings me to my next point.

    You can't practice plays on your own. How will you ever get it all correct without others to use as a reference point to see where you should be? Now before you start on "but what about solos !!!!111!!1! They're practiced on your own!!11!1!!11!", don't you have a professional choreographer there to show you what you're doing right and wrong? Isn't there some marking on the dance floor to show your place on the stage? When you practice a dance routine, group, trio, duo or even a solo, there's some reference to where you need to be. You could even count your choreography as a play in the game (a dance competition), which also brings me to another point.

    Most people is the cons say that dance isn't even competitive. I have to disagree, because when you audition to enter a company, you compete to get in. When you audition for a role in a ballet or competition piece, you compete for a lead role or solo. Not everyone can be clara in the nutcracker, or romeo in romeo and juliet, just like how not everyone can be linebacker or quarterback in football. And then the cons go on to say that dance doesn't compete against other teams. In dance competitions, you compete against every team or studio registered to compete. There are regionals, nationals, and even internationals to compete for the highest title. All of this is based on points to win (like all traditional sports, see? The most points, you win the game).

    People also bring up the point that everyone can dance. You're bringing up the wrong point & anyone can learn not everyone can do a single wing or a triple pirouette on demand, just how no one can gain a vertical of 45 inches.

  • Yes it is a sport

    Because you need strength physically and emotionally.Also dancers need to have stamina within them. Furthermore dancers are always physically active.Me as a dancer dance everyday for more than two hours a day. I use my body to show what i am feeling when i am dancing. And dance is healthy because its a stress reviler.

  • Dance is a sport!

    I looked up the definition of sport and here is what came up
    "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment."
    If someone says dance doesn't involve physical exertion you OBVIOUSLY haven't taken a dance class, I would love to see a football player hold a split on both sides for a minute, hold their foot to their head for two minutes. And I would LOVE to see them fly through the air while pointing their feet, turning out, straightening their knees, and that's just some things not including your upper torso.
    I am a competitive dancer and I know for a fact that a football player would not last doing what dancers do on the stage. Anyone who says dance isn't a sport, take a class then come talk to me!

  • Not At All!

    Just because dance apparently requires as much work as playing a sport, does not make it a sport. Dance is a competition. Competition and sport are two entirely different words. In sports, the judges don't pick the winner, a game is played to decide. Whoever says dance is a sport obviously is a dancer who doesn't to have anything else to do with their life and feels that they need recognition for their zero actual accomplishments in their life. Also, anyone can dance. There isn't a special talent needed.

  • Dance is not physical

    Dance is not considered a contact sport, whereas in any other sport, there is contact, whether it is basketball or football, including a feminine sport, softball, there is contact, where it is contact with the ball or with another player, dance is just a bunch of people rolling on the ground.

  • It Is not

    Dance is not a sport, its a fine art, there is no concrete scoring system because the judges could give an 8 for a backflip, but another might give a 9, also there is no form of a target or goal, also there is no way you can get hurt unless your too big of a naf to land a back flip, also dancers a prissy and have very low pain tolerance, and since when does a uniform include a fluffy costume, I know your all gonna ask me if i can but my toot up to my ear and spin 3 times, lets see you skate a puck on a slippary surface with grown men wearing 30lbs of equipment trying to knock you flat on your but, while shooting a 1.5lbs puck top shelf against a goalie wearing 55lbs of equipment, but first lets see you put skates on without asking for help. BTW cheerleading and gymnastics are not sports

  • Dance is not a sport

    Look. Dance isnt a sport because just cause not everyone can do it doesn't make it a sport. Sports are won by a specific event happening whereas dance is won through judges opinion. Sports usually contain a ball. Dance is a recreational activity sometimes formed into competitions that are won selectively. No h8 just stating my opinion.

  • Dance is something that doesn't take as much concentration than anything else

    Dancing can be anything. Tapping Your foot is dancing. Do you have to feel the sting of a bat hitting a ball or getting tackled and getting a concussion or running and breaking your foot trying to score a goal. Do you have to jump 4.5 feet in the air to catch a 30 mph stinging piece of leather while someone is knocking them down.

  • Dance is not a sport!!

    I will give you credit if you are a dancer, but I still don’t believe that it is a sport.
    Now before you start yelling, think about this. Dancers say that dancing can’t be done by just anyone, and that it takes hard work and training just like any other sport. This may be true, but in sports, athletes train for any scenario and for whatever may come their way during the game. In dance you practice the same thing over and over again for awhile until you get it right. It is like studying for a test. You study for a test, so that you can succeed, and if you study long enough and hard enough to do your best, you will pass. In dance, you can do the same routine over and over again until you get it right. The dance recital is like the big test, and if you practiced over and over, you may pass and do well if you try your best. Would you like me to consider taking a test as a sport too? In actual sports, it isn’t that way. We have to practice many different things. For instance in basketball you have to make sure there is not a person in the way before you can shoot the ball, or that you have your head up when you are dribbling down the court. You even have to make sure that the person that you are passing the ball to is open and on your team before you give the ball to them. Plus, people say that everyone can’t dance. I could just randomly stand on the street corner and start to dance in random motions. I wouldn’t be a trained dancer, but I would still be dancing.
    The second reason that dancing is not a sport is because you can’t win dance with actual proof. It is based on judges opinions of whether or not one is better than the other. In sports like baseball, soccer, or football it is obvious and not from points of view whether one team wins or not. A person could quite obviously score a basket or run over home plate, then eventually the person with the most points would be the winner of the game.
    Another reason, that dance is not a sport is that if it was looked up in the Oxford American Dictionary the definition of a sport is, ”a game or competitive activity, esp. One involving physical exertion”. The definition of dance in the same dictionary is, “move about rhythmically, usu. To music, for pleasure or as entertainment”, or,” to move in a lively way; skip or jump about”. As you may know there are many types of dance and while some of it is competitive, not all of it is, so therefore dance in general is not a sport

  • No dancing should not be a sport

    Dancing should not be a sport because it is not on ESPN and it isn't always competitive. Dancing is an art. Dancing is incorporated in sports but is not a sport itself. If dancing was a sport it probably would be in the Olympics or on sports television. Therefore dancing is not a sport

  • Dance Should Not Be A Sport

    I do not think that dance should be categorized as a sport. There's thousands of types of dances and it would be hard to categorize and label them. Many activities that have competitions are not considered a sport and it should stay that way. I believe the best way to label dance would be to call it art.

  • No, it is too subjective to judge.

    Most sports have a result that can be judged against the performance of others or against some goal that must be reached. Dance is certainly sometimes framed in a competitive atmosphere, but the judgement as to who was best is subjective. It's a fine line, because I suppose some sports are less competitive, but dance just seems like a recreation instead of a sport. You can be a good dancer, but can anyone be the best?

  • No, dance is an art form.

    No, dance should not be considered a sport. It is a form of art, and should be treated as such. You can't compare the beauty of a ballet to say, a football game. Both are certainly enjoyable, but they're two totally different animals. They should be classified as different things, and not lumped together.

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June57 says2013-02-24T17:11:41.387
Why does it matter if dance is considered a 'sport' or an 'art'? In both sides of this debate, they are respecting dance as an activity that is very intense and takes lots of practice and is enjoyable. I don't really understand why there is a debate here, honestly.