• Avengers: Infinity War

    I think he should of been in the battle of Wakanda as he would have been helpful fighting them creatures, also when King T'challa and Capt America were charging towards the enemy and did that massive jump, it would have been way more cooler if Matty Murdock was right alongside them. Just my opinion though.

  • Daredevil is cool

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  • Daredevil should have a bigger role

    He is one of the more complex characters that has been introduced, as opposed to say, Quake from Agents of SHIELD. He has a big presence in the comic universe that should be reciprocated on the screen universe. I also think that this version is a lot different from the 2003 version, so it would be new to most general viewers.

  • Yes, he should

    Daredevil is one of the most interesting, dark, and awesome characters in the marvel universe. And he needs his own movie. Not a Netflix series! Marvel studios owns one of the greatest hero's ever! They need to use him in the MCU. The same goes for, iron fist, Luke cage, Jessica Jones and black panther.

  • Yes he should

    When Marvel studios got the rights to daredevil we as fans expected him in his own movie. But got a netflix series. Which is good, but would love it if he got his own movie. Interacting with the avengers, spiderman, and everyone else in the MCU. Marvel studios needs to use him.

  • Daredevil should play a bigger role in Marvel movies

    Daredevil should play a bigger role in Marvel movies going forward. His character has taken on an exciting role, and the television show has been a critical success with a loyal following on Netflix. Fans would be delighted to see a feature film version. It would be a fun movie.

  • Yes, If these characters (especially Daredevil) don't show up on the big screen at some point, it will be a missed opportunity IMO.

    I think this is pretty smart of them. With that in mind, Daredevil could still make a cameo appearance in any of the Marvel movies... The Avengers could know about him, Punisher, and others without interacting with them much. You could see Daredevil in Civil War on a television just as a lawyer for or against the bill passing, and then you'd know that yes, he's out there in their universe.

  • Daredevil Should be Bigger

    I think Daredevil is a fun character that can bring in a wider audience, to the benefit of the Marvel universe. Like Deadpool, he can be a deeper, more interesting persona, if casted and written by the right people. It would seem that with a wider range of talent, his story could be written or changed in various ways.

  • No, Daredevil does not have the same popularity as other Marvel characters.

    Daredevil has already had a movie and TV series made; neither of which have garnered much popularity for the character. It seems to me that Marvel has already attempted, with little success, to provide a bigger role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There is no need to force a character on fans.

  • I Love the Character, But..

    I believe his current place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is best for him. I do not want him to be an Avenger, I simply do not think that would be best for him.

    After all, he would be a very weak Avenger. Al he has is a couple sticks and bullet proof armor. At least Black Widow and Hawkeye have gadgets and stuff, he has nothing.

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