Should dating be dutch if women want to be considered equal to men?

Asked by: dubc38
  • Both should pay

    Times have changed and now we are far beyond treating women as these helpless beings who need to have every bill paid for them. Date expenses should be split by both of them. This gets rid of the old fashioned man makes all the money and pays for all dates and woman stays at home which can actually cause sexism. If you want true equality then you need to split the bill

  • I think it should be.

    Women make just as much money as men. Its hard to scream for equality when you can get still get free dinners and dates off men. I don't think the man should have to pay all the time if we're going for an equal society. Tines gave changed in the day we live in.

  • The economy no longer exists

    Back then a young man could work and make enough money to live independent and pay for everything.
    Today That young man has to live with his parents and work as an intern for no pay. And if he is lucky to be working flipping burgers or a barista maybe he can afford a used car.
    Women have to set their standards lower because people have become poorer.
    Unless if your are some international model then you should be expecting to dating millionaires.

  • Chivalry and Respect

    I fully support rights for women, But I also expect men to treat me with respect. I may be old-fashioned, But what we are missing is the idea of chivalry. I expect men to act like gentlemen and open doors for me, Maybe pull out my chair at a restaurant, And I would appreciate he pay for our meals. If he can't afford it, Then we can maybe not go to expensive places. I'm willing to pay sometimes to be nice to him, But I fully expect him to act like a gentleman, Respect me, And act with chivalry and courtesy, Which includes letting him lead in our dating experience. I think there would be a lot less rape and abuse if men learned to treat women with respect. I agree, Women deserve rights#PricelessMovement

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