Should dating sites be fined heavily for tricking people into paid membership?

  • Don't falsely misrepresent the term free if it isn't.

    I signed up on at least four supposed free dating sites,only to get to the end,or message,or upgrade to have the pop up page requesting a form of payment. You don't falsely lure someone to a site,have them set up the profile,and then WHAM! Hit them with the payment scam. Then you got suppurters of these sites argueing that it brings honest people who don't play games to their dating page,by being dishonest in their advertisement. If it's to good to be TRUE,then it probably is.

  • Yes, but ...

    I guess they should be fined for that. But only fraud websites. Unfortunately, there are lots of them on the web nowadays. Some websites, like has anti-scam protection systems. They help protecting people from confusions. Though such websites are paid, they are completely reliable. This is my personal opinion

  • Yes, dating sites should be fined for that.

    Yes, I think dating sites should be fined heavily for tricking people into paid membership. I think it's awful that people who are desperate for love are being tricked into paying money for something that doesn't work out. I think dating sites should be heavily fined as well as shut down if they trick people.

  • It is not the site's responsibility to ensure that consumers understand the terms.

    When someone uses a dating website, they have made a choice to accept the service of another individual or company. When they are forming a membership on that website, they are essentially agreeing to the legal terms of that service. As long as the creator of the website does not lie outright about the terms of service, and puts somewhere accessible on the page that payment is required, they have the right to make their site as attractive to consumers as they can, even if that means mincing words in order to trick them. Consumers are not forced to use such websites; it is a personal choice that they have made, and with that choice comes the responsibility of ensuring that they are not being deceived. While it is true that I believe outright lies or no information whatsoever on payment should result in lawsuits and arrests, I firmly stand by my belief that creators of websites should be entitled to do whatever they legally can to attract consumers into accepting their service, seeing as that is their business and how they make money.

  • No Tricking Just Read The Small Print

    There is no tricking, but there is a huge underestimation of the power of the small print. People usually check mating sites out of curiosity and for fun and never pay attention to details. At the end of the day everyone sells something and requires its pay. The same with the online dating. Read any information that pops up on the screen and never press the yes-button if not sure what you are asked for to escape undesired fees.

  • Members of any online forum, especially a dating website, should be wary of fees when going into the membership.

    Nothing comes for free these days, least of all anything on the Internet. It's foolish of anyone to believe that there will be any website, especially a dating website, that at some point won't ask for payment. Even Facebook makes revenue from apps and ads, and they're supposed to be the "always free" networking site. Though yes, it's shady for dating site companies to slide in something about a membership while members are distracted by the thought of finding true love, it isn't their fault that they end up ensnaring their customers in the end. Members should be paying more attention to the fine print, and companies should have maybe a small fine for hiding that $9.99 bill. If they don't, chances are that they're going to get sued anyway, and that's also their own fault.

  • All Companies Try to Manipulate People Into Paying Them Money.

    There is nothing strange about a dating site trying to trick people into becoming paid members. Every other site that has a paid membership does everything it can to convince you to become a paid member. The important thing to remember is that everyone has a choice. If they don't want to give up their money they can leave the site and that's the end of it.

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