• We Need Some Presidential Excitement

    Not that I know everything about David French, but at least I am willing to listen to him as an independent running for President. It honestly scares me to know that our country is really considering both parties candidates as there is not a stable one in the bunch. I would like to at least hear what David French has to offer and consider him as an independent!

  • Yes, David French should mount a third party run for president.

    Given the two choices we have here in America right now for president, I believe just about anyone should and could run on a third party ticket for the oval office. The American public is so disenfranchised and unenthusiastic over the two choices we have that any reasonable third party candidate has a shot.

  • Third party president isn't going to happen.

    David French will be wasting his time and resources if he tries to run as a third party candidate. To be honest, I wish a third party candidate had a chance since this years' nominees are so awful. However, it is just not going to happen in this current political climate.

  • We just cut the selection down.

    I know that the choices in the election really suck but do we really need another person coming in and tainting the pool even more. All third party runs do is give the election to the person you don't want, Too much noise can be a bad thing and the thought that a third party candidate is our salvation is very wrong.

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