Should David Petraeus Have Resigned as CIA Director?

  • Too Distracted to Perform Duties

    Retired Gen. David Petraeus should have resigned as CIA director because his personal life was interfering with his duty within the government. Cheating on his wife with an underling in the Army isn't an appropriate use of taxpayer money. Petraeus was a questionable general and we found out why when he was forced to quit thanks to his infidelity.

  • Yes, resignation is the only option after a scandal like that.

    If the scandal had been in a different department of government, Secretary of Agriculture for instance, the need for resignation may not have been as much, but when the center of the scandal revolves around the director of the CIA, the whole intelligence community can be bogged down in over the top accusations and nonsense, better for all involved for him to go, regroup, learn, and possibly make a return to public life at a later date.

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