• Yes, daycare centers shold check with parents when a child is absent to ensure safety.

    As a parent, one is responsible for one's child. This includes signing them up to attend day care. It is, at the most basic level, simply polite to inform the day care that a child will be absent. In addition, with a society that requires multiple levels of security just to log onto a website, how could we not justify accountability for the whereabouts of children who are young enough that they require supervision by a provider.

  • Yes I think they should check.

    I think that Day Care Providers should have a phone number for parents to call if children are not there. If the parents don't call then I think it is a great idea for the center to call them. I think in this day in age with everything that happens it is a great added security feature.

  • Know the boundaries of a Care Giver

    I believe that child care providers should check on the child if they have an abundance of absences. I deem it very inappropriate to inquire if a child just misses one day. If the child is missing days in a row then yes of course it is fine to check and see if everything is okay. in the case that the child is absent for a minimum of 3 days it is okay anything less should not be allowed especially if the child care providers want to maintain a "non-stalkish" reputation

  • Day cares should check with parents.

    Day care providers should check with parents as a matter of caution if a child is absent. Part of caring for a child is making sure they are okay during the hours you are caring for them. Schools call when children are absent and day care providers should do the same.

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