Should DDO be free from religious debates and questions, poll and forums?

Asked by: braffle
  • Yes, because it is not debate material for faceless contenders.

    Is there any way to prevent religious debates from turning into a big fight?People discuss lots of things, politics, sports, anything But when they discuss religious opinions, most of the time, they get all angry and try to win even with fight. Why is that? Why that can't be a normal subject? And more important, How can we prevent this?

  • Belief is not discernible in controversial topics.

    I believe religion should be kept to one's self and not be attacked. What someone chooses to believe in is there own business. Yes, Christianity and Atheism clash on this website. Both sides are guilty of starting debates on the existence of creation. I would like to ask people to keep their beliefs out of this poll and focus primarily on whether or not religion should be kept out of DDO.

  • Every position you hold should be up for criticism

    Any person that holds a position should be able to defend their position. Whether a person wants to read religious debates or forums etc. is up to them. You always have a choice to read and if you don't like religious debates, just don't read them. When a persons positions effect their decision making processes they should be criticized. Religion affects peoples positions on matters such as science, sexuality etc and should be criticized.

  • Religions shouldn't be exempt from debating

    Just because a religion or faith may be sacred or holy to a certain group of people does not mean it automatically gains a "special pass" that makes it exempt from being debated. Of course everyone should give some form of respect to a religion or faith but they should also be free to criticize or praise it accordingly. After all everyone is free to have their own opinions.
    Not to mention religion is a controversial topic and controversy always bring the best debates (at least in my opinion).

  • Religious Debates Are Important

    You might as well get rid of the entire site if you're going to take away a large portion of the issues people want to discuss and debate, and that's what you'd be doing if you remove those which involve religion.

    Besides, it's fun to watch atheists with nothing better to do attempt to talk down to anyone who expresses a religious viewpoint - never mind they have nothing more to back their beliefs than anyone else does.

  • No, why should it be?

    Everything that someone believes about anything is subject to question. They can be questioned about their views on healthcare, social issues, existence of ghosts, political views, candidates they support, food they like, movies they like. Everything that one believes is subject to question. Why, then, is one's position on the nature of the universe not subject to question? Especially since this is a debate site.

  • Are you crazy?

    Religious debate is an exemplary topic to debate. Not only is it a complex and interesting topic but it is relevent to everysingle human being on the planet. We have been raised in a world where there majority of people beleive in something and it is our duty to scrutinise those beliefs. If we left certain topics as out of bounds we might never have discovered some of the most important things we have today.

    Religious discussion is a beautiful thing. I do agree it does tend to get more heated than it should but that by no means means that it shouldnt be talked about. This is a debate website after all so why should any topic be exempt from being debated about. God can be a personal issue but that does not limit the discussion of God to an internal one. Each and everyone of us should always question their own beliefs and the beliefs of others around them and this is exactly the place to do that.

  • No, it is a philosophical game.

    No, DDO should not be free from religious debates, and questions, polls, and forums, because DDO is by its nature, a philosophical game. When the game raises religious issues in the minds of players, it is natural that they will want a forum to discuss them. This is a healthy offshoot of the game.

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