Should DDO notify you if your comment is posted if your comment is submitted for moderation?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Or you know, let the initial comment be posted and then moderate the question along with the initial comment

    Why does it sometimes submit for moderation before you even get to write the first comment? This sometimes when I have an excellent argument about ready to go. I understand why we need moderation but can't the question and comment be considered together? Why aren't we allowed to post the initial comment before it is submitted for moderation?

  • Tax all groups with political leanings.

    It is obvious. Too many, over anxious, political hacks of all stripes will occur. It is almost natural that they lend their foot work. ... Telephones and their energy to political involvement. And it is our duty to see church and state separated. And places of prayer should retain their tax exemptemtion.

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