Should dead people be brought back to life?

Asked by: A11
  • Why not if possible

    I would like to make clear that by dead i mean legends like Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln and other people who are need for the progress of our nation and most importantly our world. The day we achieve this feet we would create history so that is why i support the motion.

    Posted by: A11
  • It would be good to be I g the dead back in many ways

    If some people had Atlantic or reptilian full blooded genetics they can tell us things we never knew and help us find and tell us who killed who in an investigation same with any reversible dead person they can also tell us facts about what they saw when dead or where they went.

  • It's just like giving birth.

    I don't see any arguments against the suggested resurrection that would apply to having children, So unless you want to stop that, Then you should also allow "old" people to be recycled. Obviously, You could qualify the resurrection policy by ruling out war criminals, Serial killers and people who died from genetic deceases that would make them die again shortly after the resurrection.

  • Yes and No. Here is why.

    To bring a person's consciousness back would be acceptable without question. By some means of artificial digital technology that we may be on the verge of creating whereby a persons thoughts, Memories, Beliefs and personality can be preserved. This information can be used to run algorithms that would reflect that individual's most probable route of thinking and decision making by means of artificial intelligence. This way the very essence of what made that person an individual could be portrayed in a virtual reality simulation which could be visited and interact with by others.
    As far as bringing back the biological mater that would consume resources such as oxygen and food and leave waste is an incredibly horrific idea. We as a species have already over populated this over extended planet. To prolong the resource devouring animal life span would be irresponsible and not in the best interest of future generations. But if when in the natural course of life coming to an end the consciousness is captured then reanimated for loved ones to visit or masses to attend virtual lectures and debates this would be the ultimate!
    The sharp, Wise and benevolent spirits of long ago can be with the future together shaping the evolution of an elevated human existence. Because these consorts would not benefit from any type of materialism their interactions with the biological would have no selfish agendas. This would be an incredible resource for all humans going forward into the future and onto other worlds.

  • Yes... But we should go through the ethics...

    There are many suggested ways of bringing someone back to life. Cloning. Simulated realities. However, we should consider the morality of bringing a dead person back to life. We should not bring one person back without also bringing back another, and we should not aim to just bring back the few who are famous in our day and age.

  • My step mom lost her dautgher in an car crash and she wants her back and she is crying for her back

    Because life is more important to have than death death is bad for ur life and soul cuz ur heart is crying in pain about who u lost in ur life like i my life to and i wat the right to have my step moms daughter back from heaven

  • They deserve the option

    Resurrecting every dead person in the world is a horrible idea on its own. They'd have no food, space, or jobs, and most of them wouldn't know what was going on. But when humans have got this all worked out and everybody has everything they need, then I think that the unfortunate humans who died before the immortality revolution deserve to join in the fun.

  • Yes, life is need people do

    People need to do life. The life of purpose is for people to do. Everyone should be able to life, no matter what. Even if they dies at any time. I don't know how people would stay live if they are really of the old, but siense can fix it.

  • I say no

    Because why would you whant to bring someone back to life they will just die again and go through the same pain.
    Think about it, it takes 50 YEARS to bring a body bach to life and by those 50 YEARS the persons relatves and friends and family will be gone
    that person will die again of depression.

  • Ruins the natural order

    While bringing back legends may sound great, Abraham Lincoln for example was racist and bringing them back would cause their legacy to deteriorate quickly. Our population would quickly overflow, causing many more problems and risk extinction if we could resurrect everyone. Its tough, but we all need to move on eventually. :(

  • It destroys the natural order

    While bringing back legends may sound great, Abraham Lincoln for example was racist and bringing them back would cause their legacy to deteriorate quickly. Our population would quickly overflow, causing many more problems and risk extinction if we could resurrect everyone. Its tough, but we all need to move on. :(

  • Of course not, If you consider the whole world and not just its developed part, Because:

    A) Most of us have lost someone we loved dearly. Now if we all get the right to bring these people back, How will the population of the world be stable? How will economies function? How will the working population properly support the non-working population? It wouldn't be possible for these newly returned people to contribute to the economy, Because they probably wouldn't have the skills to do so (such as working on computers and conversing with people in modern languages), Owing to the times in which they lived. Even if we wanted to develop these skills in them, Would we have the money to do so? Are we not eventually leading these people to poverty and starvation (owing to weak economies) if we bring them back from the dead?
    B) Bringing back those people who, Let's say, Were alive decades or centuries or even millenia ago and then asking them to become a part of this world would inevitably give them a culture shock. And all of them will not necessarily be strong enough to get over it.
    C) How do you confirm that those with access to the technology to bring the dead back aren't corrupt? Even if initially only the government has that technology, Can't some corrupt government official give another not-so-nice guy access to it? What if that happens and people like Adolf Hitler are able to return?

  • Society would crumble

    Depending on how it is done, people would keep coming back to life, becoming, in some sense immortal. This would open major cans of worms for how the economy is run, not to mention the population problems that would arise because of it. It would throw out the balance of nature.

  • Welcome all zombies.

    If we brought back to life important people in our history like the asking person mentioned, they would be of no use to us. You see, after you die, connections in the brain break apart. The brains of people they are talking about would have all these connections severed to the point they can not connect. The only way to keep their body alive would be with life support as their brains couldn't even manage that. All their memories, thought processes, etc would be gone.

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