Should Death be punished with Capital Punishment.

  • Dying is Bad

    When someone dies, Someone should be punished. Dying is the worst thing that could happen in someone's life. It truly life changing. Therefore anyone who commits dead needs capital punishment. This would make less people dead and more people happy. No one would ever have to suffer in their entire life.

  • Killing is Wrong

    No body has the right to take another persons life away, Is my opinion. Jail will a good enough punishment for there crime. But killing the person for a punishment is going to far. The Capital is commenting a crime in my eyes. Were told not to kill and then if someone does kill other(or other's) then the punishment is killing them back? And they can get away with it? I Believe that should change and not be allowable no more.

  • Enough with punitive justice

    An attempt should at least be made for rehabilitation. Although this is basically non-existent in the United States, It does not have to remain so. On the other hand, A country should not be able to execute it's own citizens. Especially upsetting is the fact that the system is extremely prejudicial towards race, And many who face capital punishment turn out to be innocent. We are no longer in an "eye for an eye" culture, And we should seek to establish a rehabilitation; on the other hand, We are not even close as it stands. Perhaps the first step would be to rid the country of capital punishment.

  • Capital Punishment doesn't do it.

    People like serial killers and mass murderers shouldn't be punished with death. They should instead be punished with isolation. There have been cases where people have gone insane, To the point where they can't tell up from left. Or, They become highly depressed, To the point where some have killed themselves by smashing their head into a wall. Is it gruesome and a little horrific? Most definitely. Would it be effective? Even more so.

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