Should death row inmates be allowed to choose "Death by organ extraction" as an alternative means of execution

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • To save people's lives

    I'm against the death penalty but if we're going to have it we should allow death row inmates to save people's lives after they die if that is what they want to do. Lethal injection poisons organs, electrocution fries them. So why not allow inmates to opt for "death by organ extraction" where all their organs are extracted to be donated to people who need them?

  • If they *want* to.

    The question here is not "should the government be able to force inmates to die by organ extraction" it's "Should death row inmates be allowed to choose 'Death by organ extraction'". If an inmate *wants* to choose this kind of death, then why shouldn't they be able to? It's their choice.

  • It saves others.

    If an inmate is going to die on death row than at least let him/her do something good before they die by giving their organs to those in need. Also think of how many lives will be saved if inmates donated their organs after their death row. Its better to die doing something good rather than everyone seeing you as a bad person.

  • This is not practical nor morally correct

    It is against any doctor's code to willingly end a human life, and a doctor would be needed to execute this "operation" successfully and safely. Without doctors criminals would be put at jeaprody and this could cause physical harm and pain to the criminal, which is not morally correct, even though they committed a crime.

  • Too much political corruption to allow this.

    There would be political pressure to charge criminals "to the highest extent of the law". States that have outlawed death penalty will now have to consider the risk-reward factors of allowing death penalty. The millions of Americans who are on the donor list will likely push for this option, making it unfair for the minorities that are on death row. We cannot allow organ extraction of death row inmates.

  • Organ extraction is a great idea.

    This will help many of the people in need and save lives like everyone said. After all, to just kill them is expensive enough and why let them eat money and let live in the jail? I am new to this awesome debating website and I just really totally agree with everyone on this topic! (Just joined)

  • No, Not Practical

    I don't think there's anything wrong with inmates choosing to be organ donors, but organ extraction is not a reasonable means of execution. It creates a clear conflict of interest in the legal forum. Not to mention an actual death by organ extraction would be a painful and inhumane process.

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