• Take a life-Save a life

    When murders are executed, their bodies often have organs that could be donated. If taking organs from those who took lives can save a life, then it is the best we can do to make up for what they did. The organs are perfectly good, even if the people weren't. Lastly, when you mutilate and kill someone, you forfeit your right not to have the same done to your corpse.

  • yes

    I believe if they are healthy and willing, yes, death row inmates should donate their organs. There are billions in the US alone in need of a necessary transplant to live, and organ donation is not for everyone. There is, however, and abundance of death row inmates who could help save lives, if they were willing to. This should be allowed to be an option given to them if they choose. A lot of lives could be saved.

  • I believe that inmates on death row should be able to donate their organs.

    I don't, however believe that they should be forced to do so if they specifically say 'no'. A persons body is precious to them even if they have done horrible things with it, this should be respected. But, I think it would be a good idea to ask suitable candidates if they would be willing to do so. Even if you're on death row it's quite possible that you may still be willing to do a last good deed before you die. With this in mind, I think that it should be given as an option before death, just like a choice in last meal or a last phone call. The results may surprise many people!

  • Debt to Society Should Be Repaid After Death

    If the organs are healthy, then death row inmates should donate their organs after death. That way their debt to society is truly paid in full. There are no reasons why someone who dies in a state execution should not donate. The government has owned a death row inmate for decades and the person already has limited rights isolated from society.

  • Each person should have such right.

    Death row inmates should be allowed to donate their organs, especially when one of their family members is in need.

    There are times, when innocent people are executed in death rows. Innocent death row inmates would not have to die for nothing, if they could donate their organs to others.

  • They are convicts!

    These men/ women lost all rights as humans when they put that orange jump suit! As a tax payer I should be able to get an organ for my son or daughter if they need it. A prisoner is basically supported by my money i should be able to get an organ if I need it medically for a child. Ethics go out the window when orange jump suits go on and numbers become names

  • Most criminals on death row are the worst of the worst and if we are going to kill them regardless why not?

    People seem to misunderstand the freedoms provided on death row and what it takes to get there. Most reasons for the death penalty are potent crimes. First-degree murder, assault, rape, treason or all of the above. The people on death row aren't some small time criminals and they are most likely are being punished justifiably. To not do something at least with the criminal in question family's approval (which if you ask me most criminal's families wouldn't care about) Is not only a waste of a good opportunity to save a life but a crime in itself, of negligence. This is also a course of action that could be taken without any negative adverse reactions except social ones. Besides the idea of people obtaining these vital organs and limbs feeling anything other than gratitude for getting the chance at life and limb is ludicrous. As for the rights of those on death row I suggest you look it up yourself. My summary however is that anyone who is on death row (Which is limited to those 18+, women without child and people who aren't "insane" and there cannot be any question they committed the crime or not) are able to opt out of death row as long as they agree to behave themselves. You ask me it seems like those on death row wish to die as they do not seem to care in the slightest about reform. Donate a criminal's windpipe save an innocent life.

  • Regardless Of a Courts decision to execute

    All people have the right to who, what, where and when their bodies are used, this does not simply disappear just because a person is convicted of a crime that gives the death penalty. It is bad enough that so called first world countries use government sanctioned murder as revenge.

  • No they should not

    If society decided to kill you, would you want to help society by donating your organs? I think not and I think it is very audacious for us to even ask them for their organs let alone expect them too. Besides who would want a serial killers organ in their body, apparently you have not seen The Hideaway?

  • It should be their choice

    While I believe organ donation serves a great purpose and everyone should consider becoming one, I do not think we should tell anyone what to do with their body regardless of what they may have done in life. They may have religious beliefs or other reasons as to why organ donation would not be good for them so it should be their choice.

    Posted by: jus
  • No I think they should have the choice to donate like anyone else

    Why should they be forced to donate organs just cause of a crime committed? I don't think that is reason enough to remove their right to donate or not away from them. If they want to donate that's fine, but otherwise not. And what of their family? Shouldn't they have some say in the matter too? So no, I don't think death row inmates should donate their organs, it should be left up to them and to their immediate family.

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