Should deaths caused by drunk drivers be considered murder?

  • It should be considered murder

    You have no idea how many deaths drunk drivers cause a year,who r u thinking that it's not murder,when it most certainly is,what is wrong with u all thinking that it's not murder,it most defidenlty is, u all r fools(except the person above me)nuts why would u think that,what's wrong with you all!?

  • Deaths by drunk drivers should be considered murder.

    Deaths by drunk drivers should be considered murder.When the guilty person decided to operate the vehicle after they had been drinking they knew that it was a possibility that bad things could happen so they should take full responsibility for any consequences that might occur because of their actions and state of mind.

  • Murder is intentional

    Drunk driving is negligence and a foolish mistake, but it should not be held against a person too harshly. I believe if one gets involved in a horrible accidently like this, there should be a punishment, but it should not be harsh and it should not affect the person in the future (eg, jobs).

  • No, it should not.

    Drunk driving is a terrible and dangerous thing that can harm the person driving, those around them, and others. However, with that in mind a drunk driver is in the right mind set to be considered a murder, they do not do it on purpose. They were reckless and should be punished as such, but it is not murder.

  • It isn't intentional

    Murder is the INTENTIONAL killing of another. Being at the wheel while drunk and slamming into someone isn't intentional, it's just stupidity. I get that they should still be charged pretty severely for their idiocy causing another's death (as a believer in Darwinism, I believe that if their idiocy should get anyone killed, it's themselves) but murder is a completely different can of worms. Besides, if they never intended to kill, the fact that they have must take its toll on their psyche. I'm sure that they'll spend the rest of their lives regretting what they did. Can't that be considered punishment in some way?

  • It's An Accident

    Drunk driving fatalities are traffic accidents, just like any other moving violation. There should be prison time imposed, but no more than any other traffic accident. If the drunk driver is addicted, don't expect the addiction to end from serving a prison term, though. Addiction is a life-long health condition and must be viewed as requiring treatment and ongoing care.

  • It Doesn't Qualify

    Traffic accidents are not considered murder unless the driver intentionally caused harm. Everyone knows the hazards of drunk driving, but people do not intentionally set out to hurt themselves or others. Similarly, everyone knows the hazards of speeding but people don't intentionally set out to hurt themselves or others. Drunk driving and speeding have about the same fatalities.

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