• Yes, Depending on Context

    Reports on which individuals have been killed by drones should be made public, if appropriate. If the information regarding casualties of drone strikes would potentially endanger active military operations, the information should not be released until the relevant operations are over. However, they should be immediately released once no longer potentially dangerous. Too much information that our government refuses to declassify ought to be declassified, but never sees the light of day.

    If drones are being used to kill civilians, including United States citizens, the public has a right to know immediately. Whatever political affiliation one might have, the trust we put in our government to be transparent and truthful can, and has been, exploited. If drones are used against civilians and not part of a military conflict, the public ought to know.

    Should deaths from drone strikes be public? This question isn't worded well. Should video taken by drones in which people are killed be made public? I don't know. Should the bodies of individuals killed by drones be made public? I don't know. My only point here is to illustrate the potential ambiguity of this question.

  • We deserve to know

    I am fine with the use of drones because I can justify it by reminding myself that our men and women are not being sent in instead. Also, I remind myself that drone strikes tend to be more precise than the previous administrations methods of mass bombimg and leveling towns.

  • Yes, Of Course They Should Be

    If the government is not ashamed of the tactics it is using, we would be allowed this information. The deaths have already occurred so this should not be a matter of security. We should have access to the information about these deaths. It is after all, our tax money that is going towards the killing of these people.

  • Absolutely. To hide this information would be cnesorship.

    Deaths from drone strikes need to be made public information because people have a right to know what is being done to their society, and what their society is doing to others. Also, for those injured or killed because of drone strikes, and their families, it would be immoral to not allow such knowledge to be publicized. A life is a life is a life, and needs to be treated as such.

  • No, definitely not.

    This is more of the horrible coddling that has taken hold of the country lately. Rewarding them for trying is a highly inaccurate portrayal of the real world. While it might soothe unhappiness in the short term it creates an emotionally stunted adult who will crumple under pressure when he doesn't understand why his boss isn't happy that he tried his best to meet that deadline.

  • No, if it undermines tactical operations.

    The military and intelligence agencies may have to keep certain information about drone strikes a secret or hold the secret until the operation is over for a while. Careless leaks will lead to Americans being killed and alienate potential allies. We don't need to inform the enemy what we are doing.

  • Not If It Endangers Valuable Intelligence

    As a matter of practicality, the military and government need to keep some secrets. Explaining every single drone strike could undermine ongoing and continuing intelligence operations. That said, there still needs to be some accountability. The military should report to congressional members routinely on drone policy, even if it's in closed-door sessions.

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