• Nutter butter is yummy

    Nutter butter tastes good because peanut butter tastes good, And nutter butter has peanut butter in it, Therefore, Nutter butter tastes good. But not as good as Oreo cookies and cream, Because it has Oreo in it, And Oreo tastes good, Therefore, Oreo cookies and cream tastes way better than nutter butter.

  • Debate should definitely be part of any school's curiculum.

    Debate teaches communication. It is important for students to learn how to shape their ideas and form conclusions. It also helps for them to view a problem or question from different perspectives. Debate is a necessary tool for the growing mind to articulate their thoughts and gather good research to prove or disprove someone's theory or idea. It also helps them to develop confidence and learn how to handle criticism.

  • Debate is important

    Debate should be taught in school because it is important for students to learn the skills it takes in order to effectively debate a topic. Even if they do not agree with their position, it takes skill to talk about the topic and defend the point of view. This should remain in school.

  • Yes because kids need to learn that there are two sides to every argument

    Unfortunately far too many people grow up so sheltered that they may only know one side of an argument their entire lives. Teaching debate in school would force kids to think outside the box and also learn that there are two sides to every argument. It's good to challenge kids to think outside of their personal comfort zone.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe debate should be taught in school. I believe it is generally covered when talking about speeches, but I honestly think we need to spend more time on it. I know a lot of adults who are not capable of using facts to support their beliefs yet still want to argue about them. I believe society would be better if people understood how to debate in an effective manner.

  • I must be getting old

    When I went to school in the early 90's, debate was taught in school. We had an actual class called, "debate class." It was a requirement by the school board, that it had to be taken. It could be different in different places. It could be because of all the budget cuts of why I always thought everyone had to take debate.

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  • They are a waste of time

    Why would you spend time debating if there is no need to? If you teach kids how to debate over important topics, They will start debating about things like "My lunch is better! " or "I can jump rope the longest! "
    Unless you decide to be in the Judicial Branch or something, There is no point in learning how to debate.

  • Debate causes unnecessary stress.

    Many kids have stage fright, and it makes them despise talking in front of an audience. I believe it is unnecessary to endure such a pain on kids, nd the period should be used on something more effective. Perhaps kids may write arguments, but skip the presenting part. For kids that e\enjoy debating, they can sign up for a team.

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