Should add a "live one-on-one debating" feature?

Asked by: LoopsEye
  • It will be realistic perfect and debate with knowledge in hand.

    I think this is needed there are many people who just troll around in topics and useless comments are posted if this is there one who is true can immediately call upon a debate and they can fix up who is right who is wrong and then the debate is left for voting so people can vote them who was true and who was false who had better sources and who was just blunting filth.

    Though people can debate in discussion forum but there are no rules if this will be officially included then it will be very interesting and would attract much audience..

    Just as people gather to watch live debate. There will be support and contention and heated arguments !

  • It would be so much fun!

    I would definitely follow these types of debates if they were presented to me. I also think it would be very interesting to be able to participate in these kinds of debates. The participants would have to prepare for the debate, as if it were a real one, and have limited times responses. There could be a live comment section as well. I think this could also be useful in school and such, and one could follow it during class.

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