Should debate.Org add a middle column for the opinion sections? I find with some questions that I am stuck between the yes and no.

Asked by: Mathgeekjoe
  • We need yes, yes/no, and no

    This section is opinions! We need to say that yes blah blah blah, but you can also say no blah blah blah. I do not completely support a single side. Plus it would add some more diversity to the site, and as said already, a lot of questions are vague and have multiple meanings.

  • Too many false dichotomies...

    Like the recent question about whether bad results are the result of bad student or bad teacher. Sometimes, is the former or the latter; sometimes, it's both or neither. It's a very big 'it depends'. I think a middle column would serve us very well in such questions. (Such opinions don't have to be taken into consideration when determining percentages.)

  • I would be open to this idea

    There are certain type of questions asked here on Debate,org that often seem either too vague or extremely complicated to answer simply based on the fact that your only options to answering are "Yes and "No". I think that adding the option of Mixed Opinion could open the conversation a little more.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Some times I have many points against or for both the yes and no columns.

    The are many questions posed where you are like yes maybe if this situation, and no in this situation. There are other questions where each you are stuck deciding which column you should post your opinion in because you disagree with both sides. There are other situations where you agree with both sides.

  • It will confuse.

    A simple, binary layout keeps the website easy to understand and aesthetically pleasing. It may be hard to pick a side, but debate is about picking a side and sticking with it. The point of the layout is to organize thoughts neatly and concisely. If people were given the decision to be in the middle, most probably would go into the middle, for the sake of openness.

  • Bifurcation messes with the position.

    You may have reasons to describe suitability, reason to not pick a binary answer, but adding "shades" starts to dilute the system.

    How about a "leaning yes" "leaning no". Or a analog dial? Really, where do the shades stop?

    The comments are where you make your decision clear. That's where anyone can add all the rich detail they need.

    Posted by: TBR
  • Everyone is going to be in the middle.

    Viewers of this site can get great information from others. If they add a middle section, everyone will be in the middle and no one will get the information they need to figure something out or write their own response. If one person wants both sides, this site helps them decide which one they should go with because of the help of the yes or no opinions from other people.
    Adding a middle section is not a good idea.

  • Of course not.

    If you want to answer a question, you should have an opinion on it. If you don't then don't answer. Many times, to get specifics, look at how the author of the question answered it and reply to the question with that meaning in mind. Many time, your answer may depend on certain situations so you could state such conditions.
    Question: Should we put criminals to death?
    If you agree with the death penalty for convicted murderers only, you could give this:
    Answer: Yes, but only when the criminal has been found guilty of murder.
    Clearly there are a number of ways you can answer a question that you may not entirely agree/disagree with. If you still can't give a yes or no answer, don't answer.

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MarkR says2015-03-09T18:50:50.257
The "middle column" is here at the bottom of the page, its called the comment section. This is where you can post your opinion without taking a yes or no side.