Should allow you to moderate comments when you have submitted a question?

Asked by: kedemferre
  • More user friendly

    Using debate.Org is very convenient, especially for teachers of English as a foreign language, since it provides students with a very interesting online tool to practise. The downside is that the impossibility to moderate the comments makes it difficult to use in class after all. Too many weird comments are made, and moderation would allow the question to be "cleaner" ...

  • For what purpose?

    This site is about sharing opinions, thoughts, to provoke thought and discussion. Occasionally people will disagree with one another, but allowing censoring on the comments kind of goes against the purpose of this site.
    If someone is being rude or obnoxious, and not trying to share opinions or provoke thought, and their messages are harassment, you have the option of reporting them.

  • Good lord no.

    If people who ask questions in the opinions section were given the power to moderate answers on their own questions, then they could moderate/censor the living hell out opinions that they dont agree with or to make the consensus seem more one-sided then it truly is.... There are plenty of biased hacks on the site who would simply delete opponents of their question just to make it seem like everyone is in agreement with their question, no matter how biased or idiotic it could be

  • It would open the gates of hell

    Although kedemferre raises a valid point, the amount of people posting questions to preach their own point of view drastically outweighs the amount of those posting questions for using the answers in language classes. If simple DDO members were given the position to moderate and delete comments on certain opinions, there would be nothing to stop some of them from viciously erasing all comments they disagree or feel uncomfortable with. I feel this would lead to a flood of preachy hate-posts on all possible topics, where no user other than the OP could influence which responses would be allowed.

    So no, I don't think this would be a good idea. Kedemferre: How about just copying the opinions on your posted questions to an editing program and erasing the semantically and grammatically unbearable posts by hand before discussing them in class? This might be the best solution for everyone.

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