Should hide other peoples' votes until after one has cast his/her own?

Asked by: MysticEgg
  • should hide votes. should hide votes until someone has cast their vote. Once the vote is case should allow the current votes to be seen. Allowing a voter to see the results before posting their own results could result in a change of mind before the vote is cast. People are more likely to vote their own mind if they do not know how others have voted.

  • May contaminate the results

    No, keep it visible. Some people who are interested in a topic may want to see the results, but the topic is not relevant to them. If the results were hidden, it may encourage people to vote just to see the results. I would say that users of this website are engaged enough to cast their own vote to topics that choose without sway to allow the process of crowd sourcing to take its natural course.

  • Other Opinions Shouldn't Sway A Person's Opinions

    I don't think there is any reason to hide other peoples votes until after one has cast their own vote. In my experience on-line, others votes for a particular item, do not sway my opinion or make me vote in a way that I may not have in the first place.

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