• Both these people are on to something

    I think there should be team video debates. That would be cool, like a multiple-way skype thing that gets recorded live and posted once it's over. As long as people agreed not to interrupt each other, which would be a hard thing to do. These six words are quite required.

  • NFL policy and public forum debating.

    The National Forensics League Policy and PUF debates can be done easier. Its hard to Maveric a Puf round, and will be a lot easier to do if you can have a partner to debate with. Also, if possible, then i also believe that we can imply a Crossfire or Cross examination.

  • How About Video Debates?

    Instead of team debates, why not have audio or video debates? In the case of online advertisers, videos are worth more money to advertisers so can make more money on video ads instead of just plain visual ads you have to click on. In a way, already has team debates in that they are classified into a "yes" side and a "no" side, or a "yes" team and a "no" team.

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