• I totally think so!

    This is such a fun website, and some people only have access to a cellphone which would make their fun website way more accessible to way more people. If they had an app they shouldn't make it cost anything but even if it did i would buy it up in an instant, that would be so cool, at school or at home kids could use it anywhere, and that would make it more accessible for adults.

  • Should Make a Mobile App

    Yes, should make an application for mobile devices so that its users may more easily use the site when they are on the go. Mobile apps are often far easier to use on cell phones and tablets than are full web pages, so stands nothing to lose by making such an app.

  • Yes they should

    This is a fun website and it's funny to see what people have to say sometimes. Since I cant always get on and since I always have my iPod on me I would get on it very frequently. I'm always on my iPod when I should be because well I get bored and since I go on every now and then I would always get on it on my iPod.

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