Should debate.Org stop forcing people to leave a Supporting Headline and Supporting Argument so you can post your opinion on a topic?

Asked by: RightOfWay
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  • I Agree with ethan14

    People need to be forced to write more words so they aren't spamming the debate and injuring other people. It would be nice if more online programs had this. It enables the blogger to consider what to say to get more important answers. This is my explanation for my headline.

  • So people will give a reason why the say so.

    Polls can be used to not have to force people to give an answer why they think what they believe. Opinions should be used if one wants people's opinion and a good reason why. However the amount they force people to say is somewhat long. It's nice when people actually give a reason for what they say instead of just giving a basis-less answer which has no logical reason for what they say.

  • It's not a poll

    There would be no difference between an opinion question and a poll if we eliminated the supporting arguments and headlines. If you don't have any extra words to fill the supporting argument, then just fill it in with periods. . . . . . . . . . . .

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