Should DebateIsland Be Deleted for Cheating (you can vote for yourself), and cheating the voting system?

  • It is not a very safe website

    It's not safe. I just went on and it was really unsafe. There were unneeded arguments. It wasn't very safe, with being very bad, and unnecessary arguments. I really don't like it, it shouldn't be a website. Even at the top of my screen near the URL it said "Not secure".

  • Yes, delete it now

    DebateIsland has been the most unfair, cheating, and egregious debating website I've ever come across. It's where you can vote for yourself and others can too, making it far more unfair, and people can have the choice to end the debate their way instead of their way. I was a victim.

  • Voting is pointless, invalid therefore useless under any site rules.

    The point is rediculous, to shutdown anything over what is a well known bogus system of voting under any given site rule. Voting needs to be terminated on all Boards.
    People vote for false reasons. Truth should always be the factor, not thoughts. People vote against you because they dislike you, people vote for people who have no real clue of of the subject, people are allowed even on this board to post opinions and vote on items that are clearly lies.
    Religion is the prime example ... Here you have unbelievers actually voting on a subject they have never studied, have no experience with and are known liars, completely ignorant folks, who deny what they have never studied!
    This confirms ALL votes are useless, invalid in content and completely nonfactual at their base! The point is people are here to express pointless opinions, their bored, have know life, 90 percent are going to Hell because they have not, will not, cannot be bothered to look. Yet are allowed to vote? So DDO also has a problem. All voting should be eliminated. Theirs no point to them, no truth to them, therefore NO POINT of Them being allowed at all.
    Though honestly the stupidity obvious in the argument given by atheists is most entertaining. But STOP voting on all blogs.
    Opinions are like butts ... Everyone has one, but their all different, the only truth is they all HAVE one!

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BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2018-01-18T12:55:00.647
F&&k DebateIsland.