• Yes They Should

    I believe decisions of the US Supreme Court should reflect the values of the American people. The government is suppose to be in place to serve the people. This includes all branches of the government, not just some of them. I think they Supreme Court tends to reflect our values, but as with any branch, they don't always get it right.

  • Yes they should

    Yes they should definitely reflect the value of the Voting American People. We have to elect these people who are supposed to represent each and everyone of us. They are to uphold the law on the highest degree of morals and justice in this world. If they can't do this what good is the Justice system then.

  • The founding fathers had the wisdom to create the Supreme Court as an entity that doesn't answer to the electorate.

    The Supreme Court functions to interpret the constitutional law without having to worry about losing their jobs for decisions many people do not want, such as school desegregation, or abortion rights. They aren't supposed to be politicians. The law can be changed by constitutional amendment, that's the process. We get to pick the people who can amend the constitution.

  • No, US Supreme Court decisions should reflect the Constitution.

    The job of US Supreme Court is to determine whether or not laws adhere to the United States Constitution. If laws that reflect the values of the American people are not adhering to the Constitution (or vice versa), then the Constitution should be changed by the mechanisms in place to do so.

  • Supreme court decision must reflect the spirit of the law

    There is the constitution which is held as the highest law in the land. It is regarded as almost sacred by some. There is a principle even higher than the constitution, and this is called 'The Spirit of the Law'. It might be said that the constitution of the United States is an attempt to realize The Spirit of the law. This spirit is more enduring that public opinion, or the values of a particular moment. The supreme court must seek The Spirit of the Law.

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