• Life below sea

    The creatures that we sea in the water they have to fight for the habitat
    and fight the sea creatures around them. Us as humans have to fight for our home and our family ,don't you see that we are distorting there homes and we have to pay for what we did to them . As a human being we must not let them min underneath sea.

  • Imagine the scientific advances

    Deea sea mining is a natural evolution in resource exploration and exploitation - and it will not be easy. The advances we will make in materials science alone would pay dividends in ways most of us likely cannot imagine off the top of our heads. Pushing boundaries is how we move forward, and if we get some extra rare earth minerals in the process then all the better.

  • Deep Sea mining is crucial

    Deep sea mining in the Pacific Ocean should definitely move forward. This is because there are valuable fossil fuels to be discovered in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. If we stop then we are wasting resources that could be very valuable and make people's ways of life more satisfying.

  • No, deep sea mining is unnecessary.

    No, deep sea mining in the Pacific should stop. There is no reason why this exploration should continue to go forward, and the environmental risks are significant. As the Deepwater Horizon oil spill showed, it is extremely difficult to manage excavation and mining operations that far below the sea, and managing spills is impossible without significant harm to the environment.

  • Deep sea mining is threat to ocean life.

    The ocean is a delicately balanced ecosystem. That ecosystem can easily be damaged if disturbed. Deep sea mining has the potential to unbalance the ocean's ecosystem. All though deep sea mining can provide resources that we need, ocean life itself, is a more important and valuable resource to us. Simply put, deep sea mining is just not worth the risk.

  • Leave the ocean alone.

    Deep sea mining at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean should not go forward. This is because the oceans are being disturbed too much. We already have problems with increased pollution and species dying out. We should not allow grave robbing and hunting for treasures in addition. Man should keep his nose out of the deep ocean and seek to enrich his pockets elsewhere.

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