• We don't have the tube technology

    Deep sea mining combines the risks and dangers of deep sea diving and mining. Alone those are two of the most dangerous activities. As was seen from the recent mining accident in the Gulf Coast, an accident at those depths (and pressures) is exponentially more difficult to fix and harmful to the ecosystem.

  • High Chances Of Harm

    I believe deep sea mining should be banned rather than expanded. I believe supporting deep sea mining simply supports environmental harm and we need to stop doing this. Moving drilling programs off the shores simply allows these drilling corporations to harm the environment unchecked. We don't need these fossil fuels we should learn to live without them.

  • Ruining our nature

    I think that deep sea mining should be banned, because it is going to slowly destroy our seas, and is going to cause a lot of problems for us later on. We need to just leave the seas and all land that is still natural alone, and keep our natural resources.

  • Don't ban deep sea mining.

    No, deep sea mining shouldn't be banned. I only say this because we are an entire world that is still depending on resources and, unless the entire system is revamped, we will continue to rely on resources. The oceans have vast resources and create many jobs. I would like to see the system revamped though.

  • More deep sea mining

    Deep sea mining is viable and very beneficial for humanity, and people should definitely expand the process. People are terrified if, say, deep sea mining leads to a huge spill, but those events, in comparison to the number of rigs in the world, are small, especially compared to the benefit.

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