• Yes and yes!

    Despite the fact I am a devout believer in the Judeo-Christian G-d, I truly believe there are hidden treasures out there G-d has put in place for us. For example, take Mars for instance. It has many characteristics of earth and earth like qualities. It's past provides hypothesis as to the cause and effects in earth. Does that mean I believe in science 100%? No. Just like Albert Einstein once said....

    Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.
    Albert Einstein
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  • We should allow deep space exploration and fund NASA

    Allowing deep space exploration will increase chances of finding a habitable planet or moon. This will help us with our rapidly growing problem of overpopulation. We could send a colony to this world. Not only will funding NASA allow deep space exploration, but it will give NASA the money to continue developing medicines in the zero gravity of space. Some medicinal research can only be done here. Most people don't know all of what NASA does. Without NASA we wouldn't have sunglasses, or some of the important medicines we have. NASA even destroyed a life threatening meteor that was on a collision course with Earth, without NASA none of us would currently be here.

  • Yes, deep space exploration should be funded.

    I believe that deep space exploration should be funded. There can be so many scientific benefits from exploring outer space. The trips to the moon greatly contributed to our knowledge of science. I also think that the way we are using up the earth's resources, we might need to locate to another planet, another reason to fund space exploration.

  • Deep Space Exploration Necessary

    Our country should fund deep space exploration in order to solve our own problems at home. Discoveries in space could solve energy issues and so much more. With that in mind, the U.S. needs to reverse its de-funding of NASA and start pumping some money into the agency sooner than later.

  • Yes it is the new frontier

    600 years ago half the world did not know about the other part. Through expeditions though we learned more about the world and connected it. Space is very large and there is a lot left to discover from it. Funding space exploration should be done to help better understand life as a whole.

  • Space Exploration Important

    I believe that funding space exploration is important. We have many educated scientist that can benefit from information we learn through space exploration. I think we should continue to set new goal in this field of study and progress forward. This is an expensive topic, so funding should be available for this type of research and exploration.

  • Sorta (Read please)

    I say yes because we humans need a second chance to live because we are killing this planet we are living on and we are doing nothing about it! IF (i say if!) we care are about our planet we might be able to save it and life on this earth a little longer!

  • Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

    We need to find more things in outer space. People spend so much time in there houses maybe if we could just save up enough money or if the goverment would lower the price to go into space we could all get out of the house have some family fun together in space and if we ever need a new planet we could find another one just like earth.

  • No we should not

    We are wasting are money on space when there are issues in our own world that we haven't solved yet. We have global warming, cancer, ect. Ect. We haven't even seen parts of our own planet yet so why should we throw money into exploring space. When we have our own planet figured out then sure go explore space (witch btw is mostly empty space)

  • It will be amazing but...

    It will be amazing but it would cost billions if not trillions of dollars to do this. Many people are living in poverty, many people have nothing, and I don't think we should waste so much money when we can use the money to help others in the world. Like I said it will be amazing, but we need to think of those who are struggling first.

  • Sci-fi premise is it?

    No, simply because deep space exploration would require, not just funding, but technological advance of society as a whole. We still have little idea of what technology we're aiming for. I we going to attempt to bend the fabric of time to hop from place to place or send a ship full of carbonated Han Solos over a thousand year long journey? We will not know unless society as a whole progresses.

  • Deep space exploration

    Space exploration currently costs lots and lots of money that the us does not have. The us is 18 trillion dollars in debt and it would be foolish to send anyone in to space at the moment. If when we are not it debt in the future we want to go to space then thats fine we can deal with that idea when it comes

  • Fund the world we have!

    Although there are issues such as climate change and the depletion of natural resources that should be discussed, Earth is not beyond saving. Once it is, then funding for deep space exploration should be funded. As for now? It's a waste of perfectly good money that could be devoted to social programs we desperately need here back on Earth.

  • Deep space exploration should not be funded.

    Dee space exploration will not likely lead any benefits for a long time, and it should not be funded until space technology has advanced significantly. There are simply far better uses for the same money on Earth, or even closer to Earth. Space programs should focus on the Moon and Mars in the immediate future.

  • Why already know what is out there... Kinda

    If we had time and money and people that are not dying of hunger then yes! That would be awesome but we have bigger problems then knowing what is beyond the stars. Until there is no famine and starvation and everyone has access to health care then we can start searching

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themohawkninja says2013-12-05T15:43:52.180
Are we talking Voyager I type deep space exploration, or U.S.S. Enterprise style exploration?