• Everyone Should Spy On Everyone

    We should set up a system of universal surveillance with universal access so everyone can see what everyone else is up to at any time. Crime would drop to next to nothing. Corruption would drop to next to nothing. We'd have a utopia. The flaw in most surveillance systems is that they restrict access to the recordings to only certain officials. If everyone can see everything nobody can do anything wrong.

  • Spy on democracy

    A country should always spy on its jerks even elected peeps fucking yes why the hell would this ever be a big fucking issue let isis spy on everyone globally
    its the right fuckin thing thet often should be allowed creepy govt son of a bitches blow there noses on chinca.

  • No, I do not think democracies should spy on citizens.

    No, I do not think democracies should spy on citizens. There has to be a line drawn so our privacy is not infringed upon. I feel like spying is one of those lines that should not be crossed because you never know when a government will start spying for no reason.

  • no excuse for spying on citizens

    No democracy has any excuse for spying on its citizens except in cases where it suspects terrorism and even then, there must be good cause to suspect. George Orwell's Big Brother comes to mind when you hear of democracies looking at mobile phone records and tapping phones in an attempt to find information.

  • Need more freedoms

    I see why it is helpful to spy on citizens and that it would help solve and even prevent crimes. However, crime is going to happen regardless and I don't want to trade in my freedoms so that there can be some perceived benefit in the future. We shouldn't do it.

  • No, I don't believe democracies should spy on citizens.

    I believe that a Government should respect the privacy of it's citizens, unless there is a vital national security threat that they need to immediately address I don't believe the Government should ever spy on it's citizens, I think the citizens should be voting the people out of office who support this type of activity.

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