• Democracy should be promoted in the Middle East.

    Democracy should be promoted in the Middle East. Democracy is the most successful form of government to give their citizens rights and a say in the government. It should be promoted in a place like the middle east because their citizens need a say in the day to day operations of their government.

  • Pushing the idea of democracy into the middle east could cause even more tension, possibly leading to threats, hate crimes, and war.

    The middle eastern countries don't entirely view America's ideas as relevant or worthy. If we try to push the ideas into their countries it can lead to political feuds and economic mayhem. Don't get me wrong, I'm for trying to make the idea of equality mutual, but the costs for trying to force it into their culture is dangerous. Would it be worth the costs of war and misery if they want to reject the idea and we push even farther? I say even though they have their own beliefs, and we may not agree with all their terms, its not worth getting involved.

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