• They really should

    I do not have time to argument for this a lot, but them not showing up to debates, just proves to all of us, how extremely irresponsible they are (more than what we already know). They don't even want to get up their ass and do something, how are they going to help our country?

  • Yes, if they are purposely avoiding them.

    If the democrats are indeed purposefully avoiding debates than yes, they should be ashamed of themselves. It is the government there main concern should be apprising the public of their opinions, their sides of debates and arguements, and making sure they are being outspoken, otherwise how can they have any hope of having any positive outcome for themselves.

  • They are too scared to expose themselves too much.

    With over a dozen GOP debates over with now, the Republican voters have had an excellent chance to vet the candidates. With the few debates that the democrats have had, nothing has been learned about them. If anyone votes for them based on these few debates, this country is in big trouble. Yes, they really should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Low number of debates getting high number of concerns.

    No, the Democrats should not be shamed at the low number of debates. The candidate debates have become overrated. The purpose of a debate is for the public to see what the values and hopes are of each candidate, and compare and contrast them to see who will better serve the public. However, it has become an event for mud slinging and the public is finding it harder to choose

  • No, with so few nominees, they do not need a large number of debates.

    There are so many more Republican debates then Democratic because there are significantly more Republican candidates running for the primaries. While voters need to differentiate their views on which Republican candidate they most agree with, they do not need to spend as much time deciding which Democrat they would elect because there are so few in the running for presidential candidate.

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