• Yes, Democrats should get behind Sanders' movement.

    Yes, Democrats should support Bernie Sander's movement due to all the funding and votes he has received. Democrats should pay heed to the civic and political movement Sanders is leading as it reflects a majority of voters largely underrepresented by the party. Democrats could learn from his appeal to voters.

  • Fewer Skeletons in the Closet Gets My Vote for Bernie

    As a registered Democrat I can not in any conceivable way support the run for presidenty by Hilary Clinton. There is too much bad history and current events standing in her way. Mr. Sanders is the only viable person to run as Democrat for President at this time. Perhaps only because his skeletons are less damaging than those of Clinton.

  • Yes, Sanders is the new face of what is to come.

    Bernie Sanders has a positive, forward thinking platform as to what direction to take this county in, so that the problems inherent in this country can be fixed. Even if he does not become president, it would be a good idea for the Democratic Party to adopt many of the ideas behind his platform.

  • Yes, Democrats should get behind Sanders' movement because he presents ideas that can solve current issues.

    Yes, Democrats should support Sanders' movement because it addresses serious problems affecting many sectors of our diverse population. Sanders' movement strives to bring greater fairness into our economy. It strives to empower people through equal pay, accessible education, lower health costs, and other initiatives. Sanders and his supporters are working toward more equitable solutions.

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