• Democrats should try to abolish the death penality.

    Democrats should try to abolish the death penalty because the justice system is imperfect, and at times the wrong person is charged with a crime, and possibly later exonerated. It is impossible to undo the possible mistake of executing a totally innocent person, so the death penalty should be abolished.

  • Yes, voters notice when you claim the moral high ground.

    Too often, Republicans have been seen as the party of idealism, while the Democrats have been seen as pragmatic to the point of not having firm ethical principles. Making a stand on the death penalty, even at a short-term political cost, would make an impression on voters that would be good for the party over time.

  • Yes, it is time to abolish the death penalty.

    Yes, I agree that Democrats needs to work towards abolishing the death penalty. It is an archaic form of punishment that turns people into killers. We as a whole are guilty when someone is killed by the state. The death penalty is severe and life imprisonment would be far better.

  • The death penalty should be abolished

    It is time for America to join the countries around the world that do not have a death penalty. The Democrats are in an excellent position to abolish this barbaric practice for good. They should use their political leverage to do so - America can't look like a backwards nation anymore.

  • Let's not forget the victims families

    I am 100% in favor of the death penalty and my reasons are that we never discuss the grieving families of the victims of these heinous crimes. Their loved ones are gone forever, they will never see them again, yet we always have to talk about the poor suspect who perpetrated this crime. When you choose to take someone's life, at that moment you have lost all rights to live in this society. We all can make choices and once you choose to end someone's life you have lost the choice to be a free citizen. Now everybody always brings up the fact that maybe an innocent person might be executed, not likely. With today's technology and science we can get DNA evidence and many other forms of evidence against a suspect, and the police do not just randomly pick people off of streets as suspects. The recidivism rate in prison is about 90%, therefore I do not want to see the same serial killer out after serving his time or the murderer who says he is sorry only to reoffend again. By having capital punishment we eliminate the criminal from ever reoffending and save the taxpayers millions of dollars. Do not forget the grieving families who have to live with this for the rest of their lives while we feel sorry for a criminal who made his choice long ago and deserves no rights.

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