Should denial of the Holocaust be a criminal offence?

  • They are retarded

    They are plain retarded if they think it did not happen. This has been proven too as most deniers of the holocaust have been rated retarded by their doctors. To make matters worse these are also the people that think raping a dead dog is an acceptable act in society and that the devil controlled Michael Jackson a.K.A. The Illuminati.

  • Just Shows Ignorance

    I do not believe that denial of the Holocaust should be a criminal offense. Denying that the Holocaust happened is just a total display of ignorance by the person who believe that. We shouldn't criminally punish people because they are stupid or can't comprehend something. I certainly wouldn't want to have anything to do with someone who out right denied that the Holocaust happened. I would have to imagine that type of person is pretty difficult to get along with.

  • Everyone Has Right to Opinion

    Denying the Holocaust isn't a crime unless someone's rights are infrined upon in the process. Denial of the Holocaust is a stupid opinion. Witnesses to those horrific events of the late 1930s to mid-1940s are dying and that generation will no longer be with us for much longer. When the memory of 6 million murdered Jews fades, more Holocaust deniers will surface.

  • No it should not.

    The denial of the Holocaust should not be a criminal offense. I know that people are offended when someone denies it happened but that does not make it okay to punish them for it. People deny it because it was a terrible act and it can be hard to accept.

  • Holocaust Denial Isn't a Crime

    While Holocaust denial is a big mistake, it shouldn't be considered a criminal offence. People are allowed to believ what they want, and they don't deserve to go to prison for not believing in the Holocaust. All evidence and personal accounts point toward that atrocity occurring, so deniers just seem a misguided.

  • Stupidity is not a crime, unfortunately.

    As distasteful as I find a person denying the Holocaust and, by proxy, the suffering of millions of people--you can't incriminate a person for being an idiot. If they were to take this belief and use it as a tool for racial violence then we are talking a different story. But stupidity is not illegal.

  • No one should anyone be deemed a criminal for not believing a BIG LIE!

    If the above ppl think they are SO SURE about the bs they learned in history class in high school, then YOU ppl are the idiots. TRY to educate yourselves objectively about the Holocaust story & you'll find no actual substance whatsoever. It's a big Jewish fairytale passed down about what victims they always are, meanwhile these same ppl are running banks & the Fed: Mr Greenspan's policies sent the US into the worst financial crash since the depression! And it's clearly obvious they run the Western mass-media & education system to keep teaching their lie..It's sad to see so many ppl STILL fooled by this lie all these years later!!
    Remember: truth does not fear investigation, nor does it require force of law to uphold it. Lies do!! And that's exactly what the Holocaust is!!

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